Fine soldering service needed uk

Hey guys, the micro USB port on my nano-x has recently come off, the port and all of the tracks (except one) are still fine. I’d fix it myself but don’t have a fine enough soldering iron, the channel switch button has also broken and that needs replacing is there anyone with the tools able to help? I’ll pay of course Thanks :slight_smile:

Trust me, I’ve tried to re-solder a micro usb port before. And I had a crazy fine tip.

Don’t. It’s not worth the time. I’d try putting the channel switch button back on, but the port, no way.

Get a cheap 1s lipo microusb charger off ebay and wire that directly to the battery for charging. Will be a thousand times less work and much cheaper than having someone repair the broken port.

Alright man, thanks I’ll close this… uhh if I can that is

Just take it to a phone repair service they will get it done in 10min and charge you like 10£ or just coffe money :wink:


Perfect, I’ll give that a go :wink:

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My GTX evolve broke the USB port off. I bought a new remote and the same thing happen on the new one. I took both to a tv repair guy and he fixed them both for $35 each he is in the USA 1107 E bell suite 11 Phoenix Arizona 85022 602 978 8349 No one wants to do this kind of work hard to find anyone out here. I think he is one of the only guys out here that does it.

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he also told me no one uses lead in the soldering due to regulations and that’s why mine broke off easy. He uses lead

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This is what I use for soldering on super tiny things they are great and make repairs sooooo much easier