Finishing my build (VESCs arrived after 2 months wait)

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Finally VESCs arrived after 2 months of waiting. VESCs are bigger then my expectation and my housing can’t fit. So I did some operation to my VESC housing. Aligned both VESCs together side by side and cable tie the wires into position.

<img src=“” width=“281” height=“500”

<img src=“” width=“281” height=“500”

Using some silicon to seal up the wires gaps to prevent water splash and dust.

<img src=“” width=“281” height=“500”

Using some soft porons, I seal up all the opening gaps.

Finally, BLDC tuning done. (NOT PERFECT YET, am experiencing some minor motor clocking during the standstill acceleration. Anyone can help me ??? )


Does it happen when you push start? Could be the traction control when starting from standstill…

Only when standstill acceleration will have motor clocking.

A smooth acceleration if I push start it. Maybe i try to switch off my traction control and test it… Will feedback!!!

test it, don’t have to disable it since it’s usefull. Just need to play with the rpm limits to find ur sweet spot…

may i know what is the RPM limits can i tune? Thanks

what motor mount is that? and what size motors you using?. Looks like your motor is mounted onto some paris trucks, how did you manage this?

its at the traction control settings. Default is 3000 rpm I guess

I dunno… bought it from china website, it came assembled but I did additional mechanical drilling to secure it to the truck arm because it came lose after a few run. Now its super secure :grin:

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do you know what website you got it from?

This is all in Chinese, you might need help on this.

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Did something new :0 VESC LEDs