Finishing, tidying up, locking down, and securing your build

Hey everyone,

I will soon be embarking on assembling my first Esk8. I have most of the major components, just waiting on the battery/enclosure.

There a few thread here and there regarding bolts, Loctite, hot glue, silicone, etc, but I wanted to hear from those who have completed multiple boards and what has worked and what hasn’t worked as far as in finishing your boards securely and safely.

This includes the small things that people don’t post in their build threads, things that seem like no-brainers but might be an “oh shit” to a newbie (like me). Items such as hot glue to connectors to ensure they don’t rattle out, what types of loctite to finish with on which screws, different ways to protect wire, water proofing, what types of seals, where to apply liquid tape and what kind, what brands have worked and what has been shit.

Also links to where one could purchase or where locally (Amazon, ebay. etc.).

If there is a thread on this, please direct me there and delete this one mods.


Edit: Adding Links to relevant Threads

Odds and Ends Needed

Mounting your Enclosure:


This kinda goes over the small things


Thanks dude. I know you and I have similar builds on the pipeline, lol. If you have any tips you learn about post them here or add links!

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I would start with self locking nuts on truck, rims and in general everywhere you can use. If you cut threats, I would use a small drop of epoxy to glue the threat´s inside of your deck. Don´t forget washers under the screws of your enclosure… Blue Loctite 243 for screws you want to remove again (motor mount, motor, wheel pulley) Red Loctite 263 for screws which should be permanent (motor pulley etc.) Green Loctite 648 to re glue motor magnets or something which should be stick really for ever Beside the green Loctite, heat helps in case you want to remove the screws again.

That´s just the basic things which should always work and cover the most situation while building or rebuilding a esk8. I think there is no need for linking epoxy or Loctite. Usually you can get it in every hardware store.

If somebody has some more good stuff, I stick with this thread :wink:


Just completed a build and there were a few things I really got good use out of.

T bar allen keys T bar socket wrench set Blue and red loctite Big pack of decent length multi size heat shrinks Heat gun Soldering iron Speed rings

There’s a whack of items you need and Alan’s thread (including all the comments) is a great resource.

Best advice I could give though is spend decent money on decent quality tools, bolts, fittings and so on. Don’t skimp. Personal experience had me buying replacement soldering iron, flux, heat shrink, Allen keys and truck hardware - all of that stuff I cheaped out on and it ended up in the bin because the tools were made of chocolate chinesium and the rest simply didn’t do what it was supposed to.

Wait, buy well and buy once

The tool advice is solid, I used to work as a car audio and home theater installer and a lot of the cheaper Harbor Freight tools tended to break after some time (although there are some small exceptions and specialty items).

Which allen keys do you have? Anything quality other than the Wera stuff?

I still need to pick up some quality hex Allen keys. I bought a cheaper set and I don’t feel like any of the heads fit as true as they should. I’d like to buy the individual Allen sockets that I need rather than buying a whole set. Can’t really afford to go all out on sockets that I’m never going to use half of

I got a set of Facom T Handles to replace a set of draper ones that deformed on the hardened bolts I used for everything. The facom ones feel like tools for life.

I’m in the UK but found them by visiting a hobby automotive forum and looking at the recommended tools. Those guys have 30 years of experience and know what works.

The long shaft lets you torque well and get into strange places like between belt and motor mount


you need @b264 He will make sure that your board will break down a whole lot less than it would naturally. They do you know. Break down naturally without any provocation.


how much is a @b264? Can I buy this on Amazon?


@b264 group buy? I’m in *depends on shipping


*if we can pay in Crypto.


Collection via esk8 only. Don’t even think about turning up in a minibus


They work for me very well.

These washers are expensive but they are “the shit”. I use them and they work. If you use them in conjunction with 243 loctite, you’ll be golden

all you have to do to summon him is bash your board hard wheels first against the wall for 30 mins…


I feel ya. Bought some cheepies and legit stripped the hex head long before I got any decent torque. Defo worth investing in the good ones. Wera makes some amazing allens.

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@Skunk get these. They are the fucking best. You won’t reget it.


Those are the ones i had in my cart forever. Should have ordered them when I was blowing all my money lol. I’ll have to get them ordered this week. Think the last of my parts are getting shipped this week.

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Can’t agree more. They are magic. I never ever stripped anything with those.


This hobby is such a money pit.