Finishing, tidying up, locking down, and securing your build

After coming from cars every other hobby seems cheap lol.

Well except Airplanes and boating


Right? I spent $1200 on jdm tail lights from Japan before shipping fees. Spent more on a matching grill too…

Planning on using 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener TB3550 250/250 Black

To secure the electronics to the enclosure on my Jet Spud Build. I’ll have a foam pad pressing on it on the other side to ensure it’s always in full contact with the tape. Excited to see if it’s a viable option. The amount that comes though seems little in person though

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Another “which tool” question: Good set of drill bits for Esk8 building?

epsteins tends to have quality american tools for cheap. Sometimes awesome NOS stuff (new old stock). I think only the huge ones are worth it for socket drive. I see some reasonably priced stuff!


I tried this stuff and if you secure to boardside it’s not heavy duty enough to keep heavy stuff like the battery from falling. The foam will help but regular heavy duty Velcro seems to work better than the dual lock.

I secure everything enclosure side to ensure I’ll have gravity on my side in combination with the foam pressing down (and up when flipped) so far it’s bern pretty good though that can Change when vibration comes to play.

I’m mainly using it as a means of endure the battery doesn’t jump up as opposed to falling down. I’ll have neoprene on all sides of it to ensure that any wiggles it may have are absorbed.

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Ah ok. I attach everything to the board and use the enclosure as a cover.