Fiona | Vanguard 3 | 3d print pulley | SK3 245kv | VESC| Vac Enclosure

@JLabs can’t wait for the remote :slight_smile:

@whatthejess I’m going to try and put another layer on and then drill holes into my enclosure to let some of the heat dissipate… I couldn’t tell if the VESC was hot or if my hands were just that cold after my ride though.

You could try to put the receiver into the battery enclosuer after all. It might make a difference. If I had one I would try myself…

I wrapped the vesc ( entire pcb, half the caps) with kitchen aluminium foil. and I placed the receiver 30 cm backwards with the 4 cables from the receiver completely wrapped in foil aswell.

Phase wires are not wrapped. This solved the entire problem. Make sure to wrap the vesc first in electrical tape before applying the foil. you should create a new thread of how to fix the nyko kama dropouts!

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I found this video. I figured it might be somewhat helpfull