Firefly Nano remote

Looks nice… I have the parts for the firefly ready to assemble but I think I’m gonna build this one instead and sell the kit or maybe gift it in the secret santa

Some thoughts after printing out a quick model to test hand feel

  • Are the bolts supposed to self thread into the bottom case?
  • The design seems to suffer from some of the ergo problems I found on the Nano X (see review here). As you can see from the pic below, my thumb resting position is well above where the wheel is. Similarly with the nano x, I have to scrunch my thumb back to get it into a position where I can use the wheel, and after riding for a while, it starts cramping my hand. However this design is still more comfortable than the nano x, so I’ll probably do a trial run of a remote.
  • Could you design a throttle with a little nub similarly to how the Firefly has two options for throttle.



Thanks for doing this. I really like the ergos of the Ownboard remote. I’ll put this on my long eskate todo list.

Very nice @DroidSector! Have you considered using any of the hardware timers via interrupt for the radio communication? I’ve been thinking of doing that myself but I don’t know if the timers are all used up by the various libraries already.

I also don’t know if you can let minVoltage go all the way down to 3.1v, will the feather’s regulator still be able to power everything?

For anyone looking for these super hard to find switches. It looks like Honeywell has a new model (ZX) series that’s available on digikey and mouser (ZX10C30J01). It looks like for straight actuator arms they only have 13mm and 30mm now. Do you think 13mm would be too short @DroidSector? Also the ZX10C’s only support 100ma of current, though I think that’s a non-issue.


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Yes, makes the assembling little easier I think.

I’m holding it a bit lower, the trigger is almost at fingertip.

I’ll make a variation with a nib.

@rayn yes, that would be more logical. Just did some measurements today, drawing the main screen UI takes only 15ms, but sending the buffer to the screen takes 35 ms. No tested at this voltage yet.

@Jinra I’m moving the switch to another location so it will work with 13mm arm.

Compare it to mine…

Awesome. looks very good. look forward…Can this work with VESC?

Yes, they will all work with VESC and FOCBOX

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Great!!! Why not to open mold?

Am I correct that I need two of the feather boards ? One as a Rx and one as Tx

For now, yes, but it looks like he’s testing a cheaper alternative with a nano + transceiver module.

Yes, also just got these TTGO LoRa32 modules, $15 including the same OLED screen: IMG_20181102_152441


I think they ll be an perfect alternativ part for the expensive Feathers… but probably not the LoRa version. Is there a normal HCW Version available?

Just tested the transmission speed, it was around 100 ms in default mode but dropped to 11ms after setting this modem configuration:

Bw500Cr45Sf128: Bw = 500 kHz, Cr = 4/5, Sf = 128chips/symbol, CRC on. Fast+short range.

Not as good as RF69 (2 ms), but still ok. The SX1276 chip itself supports faster FSK modulation, but it’s not supported yet by RadioHead library. I’ll build a new remote with this board and test it in real life conditions next week.

Big thanks to @Fabialbo for recommending this board.


Build in an counter for failed transmission ect. Would be interesting how stable the connection is…

I have an debug screen where I show RSSI, longest cycle time since remote switched on and how many lost transmissions. That’s the best way how to check stability in real world.


Here I count a few data on extra sites…

This one is just real-time data. -RSSI -transmission and receive time for ALL data -TOTAL cycle Time image -Maximum Cycle Time including failed transmissions -failed transmissions -Cycle time image


I’ve updated stl files and the parts list with the same switch as in Firefly remote. Also added a small nib as an option. No need to re-print the bottom part, just fix the switch in the new location with some hot glue. switch