Firefly remote with 190kv FocBox 12s4p Setup

Here ya go:

  • 12s4p DIY Electric Skateboard Battery

  • Focbox

  • DIY Electric Skateboard 6374 190kv motor and pulley set

  • Complete Sector 9 off Facebook Marketplace

  • Firefly custom remote build (I’ll use a nano while building)

Going to CNC a motor mount and weld it to the truck, but their odd shape may make it difficult. I’ll also have to shave down one of the wheels to make room for the wheel gear as well.

Spent yesterday designing an inventor assembly to see how it will all look and it’s going to be a tight fit but the enclosure coming with the batter is supposed to have room for electronics.

If anyone has some insight on how well the 6374s work or any focbox connection tips that’d be great! I’ll revisit later to talk about the remote build once I get everything else working. Also, if you want the inventor files lmk.

the pics…

100% inflill worked out great