Firmware 3.34 in TURNIGY VESC. Will it Fry?


I have just got the HOBBYKING ELETRIC SKATEBOARD CONVERSION KIT this week. some parts of kit are good some not, but the VESC seems very reliable.(iam by no means an expert in vescs) the vesc is H4.10 and F2.18.

i´ve been running the skate about 2 days with the kit. 100% ok i did the configuration in BLDC-TOOL. but here is my question.

Today i download the VESC-TOOL (it was a way to help/donate to the project) and update the VESC with firmware 3.34 with sucess (before doing the upgrade i double checked the hardware version to not birick the vesc).

But after i started to think… It was a dumb movement do this upgrade? it was unnecessary? why i dont see videos on youtube or here in the forum people talking about the VESC-TOOL. Should i worry for something? Is it recommend to get back the “original” firmware? And if it is, how can i downgrade to the 2.18 firmware?

Thanks further for any help

nice, i got the overall about VESC TOOL

but i´m sorry, i didnt get one thing…

how to downgrade firmware 3.34 to 2.18? ( just to prevent any damage since my VESC is from TURNIGY, not a “official” supplier?) I am not able anymore to connect my vesc using BLDC. Do i have to use VESC TOOL to return my FW 2.18?

I wouldnt worry about downgrading the firmware. the newer version optomises the older stuff to give more performance and is less likely to fail. Ive got my hands on the SK8 and its not all too shabby even in FOC with the new firmware

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all tutorial that i read was a mention that THIRD PART HARDWARE COULD BE DAMAGE. for me the turnigy vesc it was made in the BENJAMIN VESC PATTERN, but i got afraid anyway… just in case, i´ll configurate the vesc with conservative parameters and not run with FOC.

i have 3 motors in my hand that i want to test. 125KV 168KV 230KV this is my first VESC and my first experience with eletric skateboards in general