Firs esk8 build, It´s really thought, but i will see the end. Hopefully

This is my list of thing am deciding on and I would really love your help. Thanks




ESC: Focbox Tenka | Powerful Dual Motor ESC compatible with all esk8 – Massive Stator Pty Ltd vs The most Affordable ------ E-board dual ESCs Go-FOC DV4 base on VESC4 - MakerX vs Go-FOC DV6 3-12S Dual 100A ESC for electric Skateboard Base On VESC6 - MakerX



I will decide later on remote, enclousers, other small things.

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You need to pick an enclosure before you pick a battery


What he said. ^

I like the sound of the term ‘Battle Hardened’. Just wish they would make motors in other colors besides matte black.

Please be very careful with those prismatic lipo cells. Make sure they have lots of padding in their enclosures and maybe a bit of ventilation or a heat sink.

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MakerX DV6 - Do it, the VESC6 architecture is just better than the V4.

The motors are fine. Lots of people go for the Flipsky 6374s (as they can have a long 8mm shaft), but they are well overrated for our needs. I’m building my latest with the 6354s, but you have settled in the middle.

Unless you’re on a super tight budget it is recommended to use Li-Ion cells rather than Lipo!

There are many battery builders that will help you out, and the performance/stability makes it worth the extra cost/weight.

What deck?


Thanks, I will go with the MakerX DV6, it will be good for the economy :smiley:

So the motors are ok. I want to try some offroading but i will mainly be riding the roads.

In what ways are the Li-Ions better performance/stability? more juice to the motors and I dont get the stability. Thanks for the answear.

I want the backfire deck i had it and i fell in love with it and on amazon i found dropthrout backfire deck. so I will go with it probably, but its bit pricy 120usd.

Thanks you again.

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Yeah other colours would be pretty cool, I was thinking of painting them.

Why should i firs choose enclouser i dont get it. Cant I just buy enclouser bassed on the dimensions of the battery? thanks for the answear

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Why? Cant I get it after I get the batteries?

Thanks for the replie.

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A lot of the time you will get weird geometry with the battery, since there are more battery options you are better off picking a deck then enclosure that fits it then batteries rather than an an enclosure that matches the deck AND batteries

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