First AT board need help

hello esk8! so i’m building my first AT skate and i really need your help with it! i’m trying to learn what i can but i’m no expert :wink:

i want it to be on a flat deck cause i’m planning to use it both urban &outdoors & to have more than 25-30 km range and to be powerfull

whells i got 8 inch wheels with trucks

motors- for the motors i thought of using 2x 168kv 6374

battery- i’m not strong about battery so what would you get?

esc- what do you recommend?

thanks for the help! :smiley:

Search button helps, believe me


First you need to decide your budget. Do you want an “SUV” with spring trucks or something more like evolve? 168kv is a lot of torque, you can probably go higher if you want more speed instead. For your desired range you’ll probably need a 10s4p, maybe 5p. Definitely get a vesc! There’s plenty of different ones to choose from.

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if you use a flat deck than you can use channel trucks only with riser or you use street trucks.

for battery you should let us know if you want them top mount or under your board.

Don’t worry about the trucks got it fixed :wink: And i want the battery to be under the board

What vesc do you recommend? And what about 12s? received_803806909973975 Those are the trucks and wheels i have

If you specifically want 12s I’d recommend the FOCbox or a decent vesc 6 variant. Flipsky’s mini 4.20 is also supposed to be able to handle 12s without any trouble but it’s still unproven for that on a mass production scale. It can definitely handle 10s though.

Those trucks look fine if a bit on the heavy side. Having off-road tires on the rear and streets in the front could be good for overall use- more traction in the back and grippier steering in the front- but I don’t actually know.

For a mtb board, hes gonna need atleast 6p to get that range. They chew through alot more current than any normal board

Quick advice for those trucks, they work great but the mounts have a few flaws. First off, get a steel beam and bolt it to the bottom of the motor mounts, they flex under torque and this prevents them being pulled towards the wheel. Second, if you can make bar going across the top side of the mount do that. I had one mounts break at the 90° angle. I should have seen it coming and added a filet weld in there to strengthen it.

What battery should i get?

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15ah minimum 10 or 12s rated for 120a discharge at a minimum if you have a few weeks to wait i can build you a 10s8p pack if you want.