FIRST BOARD || 3d Printed Enclosure w/ hinges

Before the summer starts, I have an idea of building my first electric longboard before the fall semester. My goals are to learn more about electronics and wiring as well as have a cool transportation around campus. Fast forward couple months of research and help, I created this longboard.

Specs: 6 compact zippy batteries, 3 in series and 2 in parallel so 9s with torqueboard motor 190 kV 6355. I have NOT go full speed with this thing since I’m 120 lbs and have ZERO experience longboarding but all I can tell you is this thing is fast. Also in this summer I wanted to learn about 3d printing so I got myself an ANET A8 clone from gearbest. I has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Anyway I printed some enclosure and hinges and screw it on to the longboard. I want my batteries to lay flat instead of stacking on each other like I have on the picture but my parallel connect isn’t long enough. SO if you got to this part, I have a few questions for you.

  • Where can I find a reliable BMS for this 9s2p battery that I have?

  • What charging port and charger do you recommend?

My plan for right now is to make charging easier and also make my longboard waterproof.


I am interested to see what the longboard looks like, however the images haven’t shown up!


Don’t use photobucket as a host, either upload the pictures directly or use another service like imgur

You can share the designs 3d?

Enclosure - Snap on hinge - The black one is the reversible hinge but I can’t seem to find it on thingiverse. I have the file though.

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Nice lookin enclosure! I have been working on something similar

Did you print it upside down with the flat end on the bed \ ____/ ? or with support material like /-------\ ?

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i printed it flat end on the bed _____/. No support. If you have the file for motor cover and pulley cover please let me know. I like this enclosure because it breaks up in parts so it fits my 3d printer as well as allow the flex on the longboard.