First board with miles board deck and a ownboard kit

Hi ! first message on , it’s a great forum with a lot of informations ! But i didn’t find what i was looking for.

So i want my first board, i’ve seen a lot of prebuilt boards and if what i’m gonna ask is not good i’ll go for a ownboard mini or something like this and after a while i’ll do a real diy board

I want to buy deck and battery from miles board, and kit from ownboard:

I don’t know if everythings fits togther, any ideas if the trucks can be mounted on the deck ? Just need to make a hole for the esc button in case the trucks are good Looks good or it would be absolut crap ?

If you have a better idea for the deck i’m interested !

thanks in advance !

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The deck looks nice in my opinion.

The link you showed from the ownboard has only the back truck with motors, esc and remote? So no front trucks and front wheels. I should just go for this kit without battery and with replaceble rubbers (it also includes a charger so you won’t need that from milesboard)

The esc puls max 18A so if you wanna buy a battery I should not buy them from milesboard. If you have the option to make your own pack or ask someone on this forum to build it for you -> make a 10S1P pack with samsung 30T cells:

A 10S1P with samsung 30Q like the one from milesboard in combination with the ownboard esc and dual hubs will really disappoint you (will have a lot of voltage sag and because of this a low range).

What’s your budget and your goals? Also your age and location in your profile

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Thank for your replys ! you’re fast !

I preffer buy a battery pack i’ve seen some on hobbykings if the one from miles board is not good I’ll do some research for a good battery and i’ll come back to you !

I have a 500$ budget but ican spend a bit more if it’s necessary ! ( not too much ) I want a short board to comute in a city with almost no hills, at least 30km/h and 10km, i’m 70kg and 1.85m .

Ok. Get the best mount for the money @Boardnamics , no idlers. Single drive sk3 <200kv 90mm clones 15/16t+40t @dickyho pulleys Caliber 2 HK vesc or even flipsky 4.12 Invest the rest in a custom battery 10s2p 30q; enclosure, deck, @Alphamail bushings Put your location on profile


I prefer hubmotors, not a good idea ?

I think the battery from miles is fine. I talked to miles earlier last year and the discharge seems fine. I would worry about range though and the width of the own board trucks

Your choice is: -spend now on cheap parts, have fun for 2/3 month, get bored and buy all new parts like

-save more and invest in good quality parts. You’ll have fully customisable parts for whatever speed/torque/riding style

Or just get a complete short deck wowgo,meepo,etc. It will be cheaper and better specs than miles

Not for 2/3 months, more like 1 year or more

Yes it will be cheaper to get a ownboard mini but the enclosures are big, that’s why i choose miles integrated deck. Just looking for a board that please me. With front truck, a better battery, should it be fine ?

Pulling 18A from a 10S1P 30Q will just give huge voltage sag. If you don’t believe me buy the milesboard battery and you will see :wink:

When pulling 18A:

  • 30Q will have around 4V sag on a 10S1P
  • 30T will have around 2V sag on a 10S1P chrome

Better battery should be your first priority in this case so I should ask someone here to build one for you :slight_smile: Samsung 30T looks in my eyes the perfect option for this setup. 10S1P 30T will give you around 10km range and 40km/h topspeed on flat roads.

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Does a 10s1p can fit miles deck? is it expansive ?

with this kind of battery i will have huge voltage sag ?

I change my mind, i can’t found the size of the enclosure of miles deck so i can’t find a battery that can fits the enclosure and i can’t make my own battery

I wiil go for the Verreal Mini because of the enclosure, i like more the Verreal which has only one enclosure, and buy spare parts like:

I just don’t know if the enclosure can be fixed on the deck because of the concav. And i’m looking for 90mm blue wheels for front truck and blue swapable PU for hub motors, i was thinking of the mellow wheels but not the same size, any links where i can buy blue wheels ?

The dimensions of the miles deck are somewere on the forum :wink: IMG_20190114_140036 Fitting a lipo pack from hobbyking is almost a no go.

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