First Build! 12 years old!

got my motor mounted! The build is coming along!


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why did you wrap the sk3?

Just to protect it

if an sk3 couldn’t take a hit we wouldn’t be using them :wink:


better safe than sorry!


Agreed faithful puppy

Good luck with the build, and thanks for the updates.

Yup, your welcome

Good luck, looking good so far. Take your time and be careful and it shouldn’t cost you much more than the original budget

I’d take the tape off. In our motors it is best to keep the magnets cool and not the windings. Sure the windings have a limit before the insulation is destroyed, but for the most part, our concern is with the magnets demagnetizing. The outer can cools them :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks for the sdvice

Got the rest of my parts for my build, I should be done with my build sometime this week but I have no idea how to program the VESC. Here are some pics!

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Got my board running today, and shout out to GrecoMan for helping me program my VESC.


Update: Build is coming along, got all the screws loctited but my board won’t be officially done until I get a new charging port

I messed up my antispark loopkey so it’s looking like my build isn’t gonna be done forever. I’m so mad

What do you mean you messed it up?

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yea, what’d you do @Caleb1?

Here’s a pic, probably gonna have to buy a new xt90

is that just from trying to solder?