First Build/12s2p/192kv Turnigy Motor/ Bamboo deck/

When i started this build i was 14 years old and it was Christmas time and all i wanted was a electric skateboard (boosted board) but they were over $1000 and that was way to much so i decided to build my own. So I order all my parts after watching endless youtube videos. Parts

Vesc diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ 99.99 Motor Mount and Drive Kit diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-with-drive-wheel-kit/ 106.99 Trucks 39.95 Bearings 12.90 GT2B remote 27.99 Wheels , 60.00 Riser pads 9.99 Motor html 79.99 Battery 2x 29.99 I started to build it and with my luck i burned the vesc and there was $100 dollars down the drain. I found out about his form and asked if anyone was in Jacksonville and could help me with my build, And @cmatson respond ready to help the (funny thing was that we went to rival schools) anyway he built is for me the first time and it worked amazing it hit about 23mph top speed, until the batteries started puffing up about 3weeks ago. And i had to get a new battery for it i decided to to get a good 18650 battery from @oriol360 and i was lucky to have him open up the site even though it was closed and i bought a 12s2p. then i had to figure out a case i found a wooden case and put that on added a anti spark switch and voltmeter that is messed up by a few volts. I screwed it onto the board and the case was a little wide and the screw is almost off the deck(any suggestions to fix that). Any ways the new upgrades are awesome i hit 29.97mph on the second ride. Any ideas to add?


Maybe enclosure ifburbinto that sorta thing have it milled so you can integrate everything in the deck, maybe a different mount? Overall it seems like a job well done and idk what else to say but dope!

Edit: eswitch instead of that loopkey

I was also 14 when I made my build, glad to see more young builders!

Yeah I was thinking about the e switch

Yeah it is

Great job on the build! Not to be an old crumudgen but make sure you’ve got some safety gear going at those speeds, even if you’re a Usain Bolt level runner you can’t run off (helmet at the least, know when I was that age I’d never wear one but motorized skateboard is a dangerous beast, enough injury and near miss posts)

Solid effort. I may change the title if that is ok because I thought that the BUILD was 12-15 years old lol. I built my first at 12-13. Young builders seem to be able to do just as good builds as the other dudes. Keep it up man

Could you please change the title to the proper format?


Don’t worry I have the most protective parents in the world I have to wear helment,kneepads, and wristpads.

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Fixed the title to be a little better

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