First build, 30+ mph, 2x 6374 190kv, help!

So I’m planning on building an eboard and would like some friendly help, like telling me if the thing is going to fry/ or explode🙂. Here are the parts:

1 of these: products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks

2x these: collections/electric-skateboard-motor-mounts/products/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-w-drive-wheel-kit

1 of these: (I think these will fit and no need to drill holes, right?)

2x these: products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv

2x these: (with both male to male servo and vesc sensor wire) collections/featured-items/products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller

1 of these: products/dual-vesc-xt90-parallel-connector

Do I need one of these? products/vesc-can-bus-connector

1 of these: (with the battery glued in the enclosure)

2 extra: (would these fit?) collections/pulley-timing-belts/products/265mm-htd5-12mm-belt

10m4 bolts and 10 m4 threads: (for the enclosure)

1 of these: (medium strength)

1 of these: (don’t have any)

1 of these: (best one)

2x these: (I need these right?)

1 of these: (don’t have any)

And maybe only maybe one of these: (if everything fits)

Couple questions: 1: would this setup be waterproof? 2: would the wheels fit the pulley with no drilling? 3: is it gonna explode? 4: could you tell me the range and the speed this setup would have? 5: could you tell me which vesc setup tutorial is closest to this setup. 6: I was looking maybe into another deck that would fit everything but that had a kick tail maybe like the super glider, you know any? 7: do you recommend to have master vesc and slave vesc connected via CAN bus or both connected to receiver or maybe both connected to receiver and via CAN bus?

If there are things I am missing feel free to tell me😃. Thanks!

I have dual 6374 and 10s and first the all wheel terrain they work wonders but the motor pulley will not fit TB motor pulleys are to big and they don’t include screws . I had issues when I upgraded my wheels to 97mm abec because wheels are bigger, so I recommend you buy them from @chaka his website is great customer service and quality everything else looks good , also water proof define water proof It rained in Los Angeles yesterday and the road was still wet and well my board got soaked with puddles it all depends on the enclosure , I don’t think any board is water proof just use weather sealing material

@Exiledd_Top By water proof I mean the motors because I think the enclosure is already water proof (no water infiltration). I don’t get what you mean, do you mean the wheel pulley will not fit the MBS wheels because @torqueboards told me they did. Also,on their site you clearly see screws that come with the kit:


It’s not that I don’t like the Abec 11 97mm but they just aren’t AT. Also, please answer the other questions :slightly_smiling_face:!

Talking about this , TB motor pulley is different and doesn’t have the indentation it’s big and the screws they provide are long so it will end up hitting the wheel if it’s more than 90mm and changing the screws won’t work

@Exiledd_Top So I should buy: 2x this: collections/electric-skateboard-motor-mounts/products/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-set-only-black And 2x this:?

Will this belt fit these components:? collections/pulley-timing-belts/products/265mm-htd5-12mm-belt

Oh, and how about the wheel pulley?

Apparently most motors don’t mind the rain and will fuction fine after being wet it’s more debris you have to look out for! As far as the canbus lead you can run it that way or just split the ppm and snip one of the wires. No need to glue the battery in to the enclose you could add some foam to dampen the vibrations. Your want a y piece xt90 connector or xt60 if your vesc’s have that or you can make one. I would only buy the all terrain wheels if you plan on going off road alot otherwise they wear down anyway “on road” and start to look like you standard road wheels.

@WARMAN So what’s the PPM? And which wire do I have to snip? The y 2x vesc to battery is in the list up there. That’s true, I won’t always be ridding this off road but I really want big wheels! Maybe the Abec 11 97mm that @Exiledd_Top posted before. (Thanks for the feedback😋!)

That should be all the info you need on it,I run the canbus at the minute,the traction control is nice especially in the wet but I will be switching to splitting the reciever signal soon simply because the connection from my canbus lead is now a little suspect and I have a splitter lying around!

Thank you! That thread was really interesting. So would this one work? (All I have to do is cut one of the two middle red wires?)

Add this to your gear list.


The belt and tb mounts are find as long as there caliber 2 trucks your set

Could be a nice addition😉

Ok, lets start over: I want a dual 6374 setup so I need 218mm trucks (from TB), I then need my motor mount which has to be compatible with the 218mm trucks: (I think these are?) 2x collections/electric-skateboard-motor-mounts/products/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-set-only-black Will these fit these wheels? Then need pulleys: 2x these: will these fit the wheels above? products/36t-abec-pulley-combo-kit

And you said 2x these: (just wont use TB motor pulley because it doesn’t fit?)

Is not that it won’t fit the motor it just won’t fit anything past 90 mm wheels so that is why you go for ollin motor pulley

I have to call BS on this. I have that exact mount and pulley kit and it fits 97mm wheels. The only reason I can see why the pulley wouldn’t fit is if you’re running really short belts like 240mm in length or something.

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@pennyboard So you mean all the parts I said before just without the ollins pulley will work and fit perfectly?

@pennyboard Even this belt will work with the setup above? collections/pulley-timing-belts/products/265mm-htd5-12mm-belt

Let me check what size my belts are when I get home and then I’ll be able to let you know for sure.