First build (accomplished)

So here’s my first build tell me what everyone thinks

Heres the range & speed( I rode the board for about 3miles before I started using the app so maybe about 10miles total it’ll last)

I tried uploading a video from recording on my phone but apparently won’t let me unless it’s on some sort of other format. I wanna thanks the website here it had a lot of information that I need. Also wanna thank to everyone that replied back to me. You people are awesome :clap:t4:


You can’t upload videos directly to the forum but you can post your videos on Youtube or other sites and then post a link here.

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what specs are those lipo’s? Nice build. Can you get over bumps without scraping the case?

9s5mAh 25C Idk if I’m saying it right, I’m still getting use too abbreviation and yes I get over bumps fine so far

9S1P 5000mah 25c 166wh. 5mah is tiny :joy: You have 21wh/mile efficiency which is relatively low. I have avg 15wh/mile cruising at 15mph. And I am 110lb. Wonder where the energy went. :thinking:

It was my first build, didn’t know to much about batteries at the time(I’m still trying to figure it out) I should of went with something like (2) 5s 8000mah right ? Better range and even more faster ?

Good to see you’re riding :+1: Can’t tell from the pics, make sure receiver and vesc are secured and not rattling around

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Hell yea :ok_hand:t4: Your actually one of the person I wanted to thanks. Everytime I had a question with something you always responded back :pray:t4:

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For speed use 2 x 6s in series for 12s. For VESC reliability, use 10s just like you said. wh(watt-hour) is ah(amp-hour) times voltage. Higher the wh, the more range.

Nice build and good job! Congrats on your first build!

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Thank you :metal:t4: Can’t wait to ride some more

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Will the vesc not be reliable with the 9s ?

9s? You mean 12s? 6-10s is absolutely fine. 10s is optimal for VESC. 12s is where you should stop. I use 13s due to technical reasons and I occasionally get VESC shut-off’s regen-breaking when battery is fully charged.

He’s on 9s now @MannyM0E 9s is completely fine, I used 9s for months cause that was the most I could fit, it’s only a couple mph diff at the top end compared to 10s

You’re missing the meaning of “pushing the limit” You havent exceeded the limits of a 10s4p for instance, you’re not exceeding anything by just having a 13s battery plugged in :stuck_out_tongue:

10s4p 30q gets you almost 3kw…so…

8s4p gets you 2.3kw

Like I said youre not exceeding the limits of lower voltages…so how does going higher make sense

@ZackoryCramer I’m all for pursuing and exceeding limits(safely) but does getting a Ferrari to go faster than a Honda Civic when you’ve only gone 20mph in the Honda make sense?


What motor are you using? Also, I think the limit of your power comes from having only 2 in parallel, the battery can only deliver about 40 Amps in that config. If you want 2+ kw, the safer thing to do would be to run 12s4p or even 12s6p and it’ll get you there.

Yes, that’s why I said I am planning on using 13s4p, an upgrade from 13s2p. I am using a TB 6374 190kv geared at 20/36.

Why do you have it geared so high? That’s set to a top speed of like 45 mph. Have you ever hit that?

I don’t think a 6374 really has enough power on its own to hit 45 mph in a reasonable scenario.

You said 13s :confused: And yeah wack gearing, that’s why you’re not maxing out wattage

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