First Build ADVICE / HELP would be appreciated :D

Ok I get it first build the board and then see xD Not stuck waiting on parts, but more stuck on waiting the money to get the parts x)

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Just read through the thread.

@Deckoz and @brenternet are totally right. Rock the belts first.

Gear drives are great, and I love them, but it definitely isn’t nearly as intuitive and when something goes wrong, they can really go wrong.

The best way to describe belts is “easy setup, easy maintenance, very quiet, and very forgiving”

Learn the belt side of the house, then maybe upgrade to gears. Or better yet, do gears on board #2, as it is doubtful you will be done after your first build!


Please take shipping costs and taxes (especially from America) into account when budgeting and selecting parts

@Sender I might have to build one for my girlfriend next year sooooo maybe :smiley:

@moon look at the google sheet, I updated some of the shipping costs, I don’t know about taxes because the rates are different depending on the category of the object, plus it’s not always that taxes will be applied because the package might not be controlled

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How wide are your pulleys?

These motors are cheaper


actually not cheaper if you convert from Pounds to Euros, plus they are 170kv and mines are 190kv so they’re slower (i guess) plus if i get them from italy there are no taxes and no shipping costs

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You want those 170kv motors my friend. Unlimited powwwaaaa

190kv wouldn’t be better ? I already have plenty of torque with my gears ratio I think

Out of interest though, there’s no taxes from the UK either. Still in the European union and there likely won’t be sudden taxes when we leave either.

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They had better not be. There are many great vendors in the UK, losing them would be really bad.

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Chuck it all into a calculator and figure that out according to your own desires. I’ll tell you however that you’ll spend 90% of your time in the low speed ranges than at full throttle and you’ll likely not ever want to hold your trigger down. 170kv is plenty and gives you the option to rip the souls of your shoes off if you want.

@brenternet hummm yeah i don’t agree I already have an e-board and I’m all the time at full speed soooo… and I find that full speed on mine is still too slow, that’s why I build a new one

As I said! Tailor it to your needs my friend, just shooting out ideas :call_me_hand:

Sure but do you know a good calculator so i can see exactly ? cause I lost the one i used before and didn’t find a good one

btw : objective is to reach AT LEAST 45 km/h :wink:


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Yeah I already saw this one but the problem to me is that it never asks for rider’s weight which is kind of an issue to me as I’m pretty sure I’m heavier than the average rider, plus i don’t get the max incline I’ll be able to climb :confused:

Try this one

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31 I think that something might have gone wrong here xD

And in the end I don’t think I’ll use the 190kv because it gives 68km/h top speed xD

So now the question is : is it better to go 10S and 190kv OR 12S and 170kv

If I go for the 10S I can have like 6P instead of 5 and get even more range, while getting 56km/h (still very fast I don’t know how the board will handle at that speed) If I go 12S I get 60 km/h … it’s quite a lot … I don’t even know I am willing to go that fast on an esk8… need some thinking about this

For a first diy then 10s is plenty of speed and the added range is a better option. 12s and 192kv will have you flying and if you’re not used to it can be very dangerous. The difference between your pre built and this build in10s format will blow your mind in terms of power and speed. What is the pre-built you have now?

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