First Build ADVICE / HELP would be appreciated :D

hi everyone !

I don’t know if anyone still reads this thread but little update here. Got what i ordered (and more) from @e.board_solutions

The board is reeeeeally nice.

Today I just ordered trucks, wheel pulleys and controller. I’m going to buy the UNITY but was wondering if I should take the one year warranty…

Anyway, have a nice week ! :smiley:

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As far as I know Unities still haven’t started shipping, so if you want the board done soon, get a different ESC.

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maybe but it looks like the best esc out there so if needed I’ll wait :slight_smile:

Hi !

Hope everyone’s doing fine, just got my evolve trucks, they are reaaaaaally nice, they give a little flex to the board (which was scary at first but everything looks fine).

I am still waiting on the GT2B remote and I will try in the upcoming days to put my 3Dprinter up and running to print an enclosure for it.

I am going to order the enclosure and the UNITY as soon as i have enough money !

I’ll try to post a few pics of what it look like :wink:

have a nice day :smiley:


Hello !

Update on the build’s state :

  • GT2B has arrived, I will try to print the Sparkle mod but it’s really too hot where I am (about 40°C) and the printer is in my bedroom so I might delay that for later.

  • Unity is ordered, will try to get it AT the Paris event, I am trying to contact someone (@carl.1 maybe ?)

  • Battery is also ordered, will have it at the Paris event

  • Enclosure is also ordered from @bigben, will also get it at the Paris event

  • Also ordered a full face helmet because I don’t see myself without this kind of helmet on a wooden board at 50+km/h. (link : I hope it’s a good helmet but it seems so

  • I have to go to a FabLab today to see if they can make @okp’s motor mounts

  • also saw that I don’t have screws for the motors … so I’ll have to buy some

Anyway, things are getting serious and I’m really happy but also stressed and I hope everything will be finished in time for the event ! have a nice day everyone ! :smiley:

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Also : PHOTOS :smiley: 65245404_1055853161469142_2873985762779463680_n 65504761_467074067389875_1153483346458705920_n 65073164_375361636427730_460726712414502912_n

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Hi again !

That was hella fast but helmet has arrived, it looks good and feels good too ! I’ll do some test ride tonight when it’s colder but definitely worth it !

I also bought some screws so that’s done at least

FabLab will only be open on monday so got to wait a bit more for this :slight_smile:

Hi everyone !

soooooooooo… some good news and some bad news

Bad news first :

I’m not getting the Unity until august so board can’t be ready for the event AND I am looking for someone who would be ok with lending / renting a board for the time of the event (any board no problem, just not a MTB because I’ve never been on this kind of board) sooo if you are this person I’ll be really happy x)

Good news :

Battery from Eboard solutions just got shipped !

News in general :

Making the mounts in the Fablab would cost approx. 110 euros but I can’t machine both sides at the same time so i have to split the program, turn the part and “play” the other part of the program, and if the part moves, I’m screwed.

I found someone that can make it for 150 but it kind of feels expensive and I don’t have this kind of money right now.

Also news but less important :

Had a nice little test ride of the board yesterday night… feels like riding on an air cushion x) And the Evolve trucks really are awesome :smiley:


Have a nice day !

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