First build... are these good parts?

Hey guys so this is my first build. I am very excited cause ive been lurking around the forums for months now and FINALLY I GOT ENOUGH MONEY TO BUILD ONE. SOOOOO EXCITED. anyways… here are my parts that i am going to use. Please tell me any notes or concerns you guys have or problems u see that might arise that a noobie like me wouldnt see. I would very much appreciate that from you guys. THANKS!! :smiley:


some side notes… i will be planning to make my own series connection cause i cant really find any reasonable priced one.

Batteries are okay but you will get better performance with batteries that have a higher c rating. If you are going 10s I suggest you buy a 190kv motor if you don’t want to blow your vesc. Check your local hardware store. They sell wire for cheap.

oh forreal? lmao how does 213kv blow the vesc?

21kv and 10s should be fine. It will only be 55000 erpm.

That’s true. Most of us use 190kv motors so that’s why I said that.

I use 190kv, but I am also running 12s.

213kv motor and 10S is fine, so i would just have to put 55000 erpm and -55000 when configuring it?

60000 is fine.

The motor mount isnt very good i think

The vesc haves a male xt90, so I would recommend to get some. Also didn’t notice if you getting on/off switch, if not you could just make a loop key with a xt90 anti spark

how so?

10 char

are loop keys/onoff switches important? i imagine just plugging in my batteries to the vesc and disconnecting them are adequete right?

I believe if you don’t have a loop key or on/off switch and by just plugging in to the vesc and disconnecting without one could cause harm to your vesc. Loop keys are very simple to make, just make the loop coming from the negative side. That’s what I do. For on/off switch I’m not to familiar with those yet due to not trying it out yet but I’m sure someone here be glad to explain

Bad reviews. I recently saw a thread on the forum about, can’t find it though.

Where are you from?

im from las vegas… but i just found a cheap motor mount. the ones that cost $60+ seem way too much. any other recommendations?

I have one I could sell but I am in UK

That remote is too expensive. Just get a mini remote off eBay.


The VESC is a bit shit aswell. Try and get the FOCBOX or B-box

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focbox is a bit overpriced… i am trying to make a budget build and not much money lol

B-box isnt that overpriced