First build at 11 years old!

Hi guys! I am trying to build my first electric skateboard at 11 years old. Will all these parts work together? Please help and make suggestions. Thanks!

read more try using search… lots… then try asking in chat finally post a topic

your still at step 1 little dude, you have only spent 37 minutes here reading…

love your enthusiasm, do you have a adult to supervise your build?


What cobber said. Read more, do your own research. I’ll give you a hint though: that battery won’t work well for this application. Can you tell me why?

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My brother is helping me.

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Because the battery wont connect to the charger properly.

nope. do some more research and try again

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Ok, Thanks!

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Sorry @lox897 and @GrecoMan both of your respective records as the “youngest” have been surpassed! We’ll have newborn babies building soon!


Did you organise trucks in all this? I didn’t see either the deck or wheels come with trucks mate. Also the majority of what you got seems good. Are you planing on getting your batteries in Parallel? Do you have the right tools for soldering all this together? Also how do you plan on storing your batteries/vesc on your board? If you need help on how to use the search function feel free to ask, not all of us here are bullies :slight_smile:


Does everything else look fine?

The “antispark” you linked is just a straight through connector. You’re also missing trucks from that list.

Im going to use caliber trucks and buy a mounting kit.


i think we both still hold the records for youngest self funded and self taught eboard builders :wink:

he says his brother is helping him, only help I had was you guys, and I didn’t even join this forum until I had worked out almost every kink with general electrical knowledge.

if you can’t tell, i’m VERY defensive of my records :joy:


Just be safe and don’t get this hobby banned

Thanks, that was the other part I didn’t touch on. Although you can use the anti spark you’ve chosen @Caleb1 it isn’t generally what is done. An inline anti spark is used to save having to plug the VESC in and out all the time.

Here’s a good thread on it:

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Thanks Radicon!

Do you guys think the batteries will work with the rest of the parts.

Not very well. They will work, but they’re not the best option.

What I was getting at earlier with the batteries, was that those packs are only good for maybe 10 amps each. The cells are not designed to supply loads of power at once, which is something that is needed in an electric vehicle, to get up to speed.

It would be better to go with a smaller, higher discharge battery. That setup will be very heavy and not that powerful. I’d go with two 5s 5000mah lipo batteries instead. They’re cheap, they’re high power, lighter than the 18650 pack and easy to work with.

B264 is also right, a 6374 is a bit overkill for an 11-year-old. A 5065 or 6355 would be a better choice.


That motor is not sensored. Which is okay, if that’s what you want. Do you know the difference yet?

Also, it’s big enough for a grown 250lb man to go super fast, you’ll probably be fine with a 5065 or a 6355 if you are a lot lighter than that. That’s a BIG motor, I mean huge. Like a can of soup. Remember, you have to carry that around and the more visible it is, the more you’ll be hassled

Tip: Those specific motors aren’t 63mm by 74mm, either.

Also if you’re going to use that charger, you’re going to need some sort of BMS. The ebay packs have one built in, but if you go with lipo batteries, you’ll need to add on in.

The other option is to not use that charger, and get a balance charger to use with the lipo packs.