First build baby, COMON!

Hello there.

I had my rather nice mountain bike stolen from me at my house a few months ago. However as luck would have it my renters insurance(Renters insurance is wicked cheap, I recommend it) covered my losses and better yet kicked off my funding of my first mountain board. I haven’t touch a skate board since 2004 but the second I saw on of these bad muthafuckas I had to build one. I have named this board the kamikazi(It’s not spelled the right way I know) because I’m fairly sure the second I touch the remote I will fly into traffic. This site has been a god sent for research and resources. I appreciate the help and quick responses from the people here. Being my first build I went with the basics for a mountain board. Don’t have the tools to fabricate any of the parts myself so everything I’ve picked up can be found on here or a few clicks away from here.

Parts list/Price is: Trampa board and bat led $682 Torque Board Motor 6380 170KV ×2 $270.00 TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Nano Remote Controller $60.00 FOCBOX ESC x2(I can’t link the single speed controllers anymore so here’s the rest) $277.10 Janux Dual Drive Motor Mount System for Trampa Spring Trucks $180 TURNIGY GRAPHENE 6000MAH 3S 65C LIPO PACK W/XT90 x4 $151.96(Flash sale. Look around for something else?) BKB 100a antispark switch(Bought on black Friday) 45.99 Besttech 80a 12s lipo bms $55 XT90 Connectors $9.89 10 Gauge Silicone Wire 10.48 Pelican 1200 Case(Bought on black Friday.) $47.69 Heat Shrink(I don’t remeber where I got these) $7.99 Janux 72t pulley 14t pullley belt(For Hypa hubs you gotta message him) x2 $168 NYLON XT90 ANTI SPARK $4.00 ESC SENSOR ADAPTER $10.00 XT60/XT90 PARALLEL FOR DUEL ESC CONTROLLERS $6.00

There is a sliding cost for shipping. I’m in the USA and this is what it took to get this. I’m also under the impression I have a lot of redundancies in this system. When completed I will have 2 power buttons and 1 key.


Why would you have to power buttons and one key you can have one loop key and your done

The xt90 could be connecting battery to vesc. And the bms or anti spark could not have cone with a button.

Bus = BMS but what you mean wit the rest? :thinking:

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Lmao fucking auto correct. Bms*

I would as min skip the antispark. Just have seen so much of them burning up in last time. Made me a bit scary to use one… And you have a top mount box. The xt90s loop key would be more than enough, You could even bridge the switch on the bms. More switches means more things that can fail while operation.

I agree that more switches in the line mean more opportunity for failure. For me that’s the point. I’d rather a $55 switch burn up on me than $260’s worth of escs.

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The loopkey does everything your 56$ switch does do too. Just to look from the electrical side. The only advantage is the optic and maybe more convenient to switch on/off. Your eswitch will not save anything more than an xt90s. Ok, maybe if you have a build in fuse in the e switch, but this fuse function you have in your bms too.

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so between that 12s lipo bms and tx90 anti spark switch I don’t need the 100a switch?

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if you use that xt90s as loop key, than no. even if no, the e-switch in your bms does the same thing as the 55$ swicht does too.

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for me I’d rather not hoon out in front of a mack truck with no brakes. Burn baby burn just stop me please

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seems I won’t be including my 100a switch and it is now for sale.