First Build Battery Discussion | Good Batteries for single motor 6374 build?

I’m currently working on my first build, and decided on using a TorqueBoards 6374 190KV single motor, but am unsure about the battery(s). My neighborhood is pretty hilly (max 14% grade), and I’m looking for a setup that allows for max ground clearance for the battery. I was thinking about doing a 2x Turnigy Rapid 5500mAh 3S2P 140C Hardcase Lipo Battery in series, but I’m not sure if that would be enough for the steep hills. If you know of any other batteries that would work, please let me know about those also! I’m also looking for compatible VESC’s with this setup if there are any recommendations.


does it need to be in an enclosure below the deck? if not you can get a cheap EV module and get tons of power and range.

VESC wise there are a lot of options besides

Yep, I’m planning to mainly ride it on the street (no off-roading like the board shown in the first link).