First build BBBB (Basic Budget Board Build)

Absolutely do NOT buy that motor mount. You will have to buy another one. Firstly, any motor mount where the hole (that the truck hanger goes through) is round WILL NOT WORK unless you weld it onto the hanger. Secondly, the fact that they tell you no details means it’s certainly a 3M belt and pulleys, which will have to be replaced because they slip and are not compatible with anything else in the esk8 market.

Under no circumstances should you buy that motor mount.

Under no circumstances should you buy any pulley where the tooth profile and belt width is not specified (you want HTD-5M profile).


You must use an XT90S loop key. XT90 or XT90S (or XT60) are fine for every connection except the loop key, where it must be XT90S.

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fire risk

A LiFePO4 chemistry BMS is not compatible with a Li-Po cells or Li-ion cells like Samsung INR18650-30Q.

There are 3 compatibility groups - Lead, Lithium Iron (LiFePO4) and Lipo or Liion (18650)

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Racerstar 5065 are very decent motors considering their low price and low weight. :+1: Good choice

Yep, i know that, i just searched 8S charger and didnt see that this was lifepo.


I plan on upgrading in future, and i prefer longboard to skateboard so i will stick to this

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I have some bkb motor mounts I’ll sell for $30


This is the ultimate budget board. Well to me I think it is. BTW prices are in aud

Flipsky vesc -$80 Keda 190kv - $60 10s Lipo Battery - $100 Hk trucks - $45 Custom motor mount - $5 Chain kit - $15 (new 10t pulley is $3) Flywheel clones - $60 Mini remote - $25 Plant potter case - $5 Xt-90s spark switch - $5

Total is around $450 AUD Top speed is around 45km/h Range - 15-20km


Generally agree, except go 12s to reduce currents, drop motor sprocket to 9t, and use the hk motor mount

12s isn’t always reliable on cheaper vescs, and I agree I have 10t sprockets at 12s and can do 55km/h it’s scary. Also I prefer the custom mounts as they can be stronger and the right length for the chain, the hk one might not be the right size

12s reliability might be an issue yeah, wish we had more trustworthy data to give us a definitive answer on this. 20 percent more power for possibly reduced reliability, not an obvious choice for sure.

9t, 12s, and the largest sprocket on the wheel that you can fit will put you at about about 40 km/h. I’m running 9:27 with 76mm wheels and quite satisfied with my torque/speed tradeoff.

BTW it’s easy to adjust chain length with a master link and a chain tool.

I like the hk mount because it is much thicker than almost all other mounts and therefore stronger.

I would not use any HTD5M sprocket less than 15 teeth. You can make the motor pulley bigger if you need a lower gear ratio or use a lower kv motor – like the 140kv Racerstar

We talkin about chains :grin:

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You can get a Flipsky VESC 4.12 for $50 on AliExpress right now, link below. Also if your planning on making a battery, how do you plan to assemble it? Your gonna need a spot welder and nickel strip most likely. Also make sure you use the correct battery chemistry BMS and charger.

For your first build I would ether recomme you to get a lipo or a cheap li ion battery (if it’s within your budget) :smile:

@pat.speed - wow, this setup made me reconsider everything i had planned. I like the idea of sprocket insted of belt, and keda motor is amazing for that price. @JdogAwesome - i saw that VESC but im a bit sceptical, thats why i wanted to go for Maytech one. I’ll risk it with this one, and will limmit the current to cca 30A. Will run it in current no reverse with brakes, i read that FOC is a no go on cheap VESC copies. @Mich21050 - the battery is not a problem since i have spot welders and lasers, and coworkers that have experience with this. Will go for 8S2/3P pack maaaybe 10S.

I failed with the charges and BMS, because i apparently dont know how to read. Will get this charger: AliExpesss and still deciding between BMSes, either this BMS or this BMS.

Also i cant decide between this setup: Motor: 1650W,5065 Racerstar sensored 200KV - 40$ Generic Aiexpress mounts, puleys and belt (3M) gear ratio 3 - 20$ Complete board on Aliexpress for 40$


HK Keda motor 6364 190kv 2000W - 50$ HK mount -10$ HK trucks - 35$ Aliexpress wheels 25$ Sprocket kit - 15$ Only thing missing here is the deck, which i can make my own or try find under 40$ deck from somewhere. The difference is 40$ plus deck, but the parts are better quality and motor is stronger (but sensorless :confused: )

The more i read the less idea i have on what im gona buy.

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I mean I both the Maytech VESC and Flipsky VESC and they both seem to be very similar, but it’s up to you :slight_smile:

i would get HK trucks, mount, pulleys, belt, vesc, KEDA 6364 (i had it and i liked it)

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I’d say the biggest mistake here is to go cheap on the board/trucks/wheels… There is absolutely no reason to buy poor quality new shit when there are so many second hand longboards around. The board / trucks combo is essentially what will define the quality of your ride, and what will take the abuse. Get some proven combo, and build from there. For the same amount of money, you’ll get quality used gear that would still outlast any new cheap stuff by a couple of lifetimes.

A shitty board with a good drive train is still gonna feel shit no matter what you do.


I would definitely take the second option. The first is less powerful and the belt will not stop skipping under acceleration (trust me I bought it trying to be cheap). For $40 more you can get a very reasonable budget board that is a great way to get you into esk8. The other great part is it can be upgraded relatively easily.

As for battery go 10s2p it will have more torque, top speed and won’t need to put out as much current to get the same watts