First build, be gentle. [Sector9 Bamboo, Single 6374 SK3 , 12s10AH, 97 mm Flywheels]

Hey all! been lurking somewhat and finally got to a point to where I am ok with posting my build.

I wanted something that would be a good intro into the game of eskate and had only a few set goals.

  • Do NOT permanently modify the skateboard deck
  • Prioritize low-speed acceleration and range over speed
  • minimize cost


  • bought a cheapo mount from Bangood. SHould’ve guessed it but round axles don’t make for good torque resistance. Switched to the DIYE mount made for Calibre II trucks.
  • soldered up the last plug wrong and damn near fried my VESC, luckily the spark protector melted before the VESC. Killed a $5 part instead of a $100 one.
  • Initially planned for 2x 6s Multistar batteries, but now I think the tray sits too low. I will likely change the height of the tray mounts when I add the finisher touches and just stick with the 3x4s arrangement I have no. I’ll still go to multistars.


  • Sector 9 Bamboo (picked this up on craigslist once I realized I wanted to keep my main board for bombing hills)
  • Turnigy SK3 6374
  • 12s 10 AH batteries. not my first choice(will be switching to Multistars once they’re in stock). Got these cells for free from school research project. [Thanks! Dr. N.]
  • 97 mm ABEC Flywheels
  • 12:36 ratio (currently tearing up belts, due to some damage to the pulley teeth, because mistakes. Will be switching to ~15T once parts arrive)
  • Bluetooth Module to monitor Battery/Current/Speed -VESC from DIYelectricBoards with modified firmware for Cruise Control

Theme: Green Wood

I wanted to make the entire structure out of Bamboo, but couldn’t source the wood within the limits of cost and my own lack of patience. This design is physically solid. The battery tray can be drawn on and erased with colored pencil. I will eventually create a design to match the rest of the build. A few things are left to add. I have some RGB LED strips left over from putting underglow on my car (bringing it back) which will go on soon. Then I will add some headlights (Maglights hooked to BEC?) When that’s done, the sides will be closed up with plexiglass. Hopefully, this will add a more finished look as well as provide splash protection. And thats when I’ll lift the tray up too. Finally, a motor cover will be added to protect the rather exposed rear mount.

Pricelist: Board: $50 (ikr!?) Flywheels: $80 Vesc: $100 Motor $70 Mount $40 Battery: $0 Misc: $30

Runniing Total : $370


Thanks to everyone on this forum to providing the info to make this possible



Very interesting way to mount batteries and electronics.


Innovation! I like it.


2x deck encclouse. different. looks stylish


Do not buy multistar batteries they puff quickly. Get the normal blue turnigy ones, even 20c is ok but higher is obviously preferred. They are also cheaper than multistars

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Nice build, very unique enclosure! This ones a double decker.