First Build, can't decide on VESC

Hi, I’m new to the forum, I have pretty much all the parts except the ESC/VESC and Battery. Caliber trucks, Orangatang Caguama 85 mm wheels, Flipsky 6374 motor,… I don’t know it the Flipsky Mini FSESC 4.20 50A is good enough. Does the Max current 50A limitation of the vesc mean that the battery pack can’t have a higher output than that, or does the VESC control how much current it draws? I don’t want to go super fast and live in an area with almost no hills to speak of.

Any help and advice is much appreciated

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A bms with charge and discharge regulates the output. But discharge bms suck donkey balls. My opinion. But you can go 10s no problem with 4 12. Even set at 30 youll be cruising pretty good.

Thanks for the answer. You mean, set the draw limit in the vesc to 30A? That also brings me to my second question. I want to go 10s2p or 3p. But I’m not sure which bms I need. Can someone recommend one!? I live in EU, Slovenia. The ones on e-bay seems cheap and not really reliable. Am I wrong? There is an e-bike store in my town but the bms they sell here is like 70 €. Is this a good option?

My BMS has never made a peeep. It is 60amp cont, but 180amp momentary.

Is the only reason I havent had it intervene, cuz I dont floor it?

Output is the least of your worries now.

Daly BMS’s are good, but 70 euros sounds like a steep markup. I would get direct from Daly on AliExpress for the best price

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Ok. What should I worry about than? :slight_smile:

The VESC will not stop you having a larger battery pack, each device quotes maximum current rating.

Your maximum will be the 2P or 3P battery current.

Unless you have enough Parallel cells to provide the maximum continuous current, you will have to limit the VESC to stop it cooking the batteries.

This ESC will be fine for your use, I recommend the FSESC 6.6, but I have 12s-4p and lots of hills, so unlikely to get much benefit on a smaller setup.

What is the plan for the battery pack? ware you building / buying? Which cells?

Much appreciated. I did place an order for the Flipsky FSESC 4.12 50A already. I just posted another question about the batteries. :slight_smile:

I found a guy who will spot weld the battery pack for me, now I just have to decide on the cells. I will use a single Flipsky 6374 motor with 85mm Wheels and Flipsky VESC 4.12. I can’t decide between: A) 10s3p config. with Molicel INR18650-P26A 2600mAh- 35A (115 € for the cells) B) 10s2p with Samsung INR21700-40T 4000mAh - 35A (144 €)