First Build Check - CoreFlex | 12s4p | Dual Motor | Split Enclosure

I’m in the final stages of planning for my first e-board, so I hope you guys don’t mind if I bug you with a million questions, haha

My goal is a smooth and long ride with decent aesthetics on a reliable board.

Here’s my tentative part list (sorry if formatting isn’t great :sweat_smile:) :

#Longboard - $348.45

#Electronics - $883.45

  • LG HG2 18650 - Seems like a standard choice; Li-ion over LiPo to try a new chemistry and (hopefully) for increased stability - 48 x $5.00 = $240
  • SuPower 12s Li-ion BMS - I’ve heard good things about Bestech, am currently awaiting an email response; these are a backup choice - 1 x $69.00
  • Mean Well Laptop Block Charger - I’ve heard bad things about Mean Well but can’t find many other small-ish chargers with 4A output - 1 x $54.40
  • EPOWER 6355 190kv - Seems like a standard motor; couldn’t find much better for less - 2 x $90.00 = $180.00
  • TORQUE VESC - Pretty standard, couldn’t find any cheaper options for VESC - 2 x $99.99 = $199.98
  • Alien Power Systems Remote - One of my favorite remotes of the few I found - 1 x $58.09
  • DIY’s On/Off Switch - I’m willing to drop the extra money for a reliable power switch - 1 x 60.00
  • Waterproof LEDs - Can I spread the cancer of PC RGB to esk8? But it actually might be useful for riding at night… - 1 x $21.98

#Mechanics - $213.98

  • DIY’s Motor Mount Combo Kit - Call me lazy, but this seems like a decent deal compared to individual pieces I’ve looked at - 2 x $106.99 = 213.98

I’m gonna decide on the enclosure after I’ve pieced everything together and done my due measurements.

#Total - $1,445.88

I’m overall satisfied with the total for the range/power I should get from this. I’ll do more spread sheeting to compare combos to piece-by-piece when I get home and have time, but the mechanics combo seems reasonable.

So, any suggestions? Anything I’ve overlooked or any stupid mistakes I’ve made while planning? Anything to tell a first-time builder?

To anyone who actually takes the time to read through this all and help me out, thanks a bunch!

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I have this remote and It is pretty sensitive, Good, but very strange to start being used with it

Do you have spot welder for the battery cells? How are you gonna mount them to flexy deck? Mini remote is much cheaper :slight_smile: Does the BMS has integrated switch? You wouldnt need the extra one…

@IsTalo thanks for the heads up! I didn’t find any reviews for that remote, so I didn’t realize that. I might look into switching up my remote choice.

@aigenic do I need a spot welder for the battery cells? I was under the impression that I would be able to solder them together if I was careful enough.

The flexy deck is definitely the biggest challenge for the design; I know Boosted Boards are able to work on flexy decks with a split enclosure, but my batteries will almost certainly take up significantly more space than theirs. To be honest, my train of thought was to get the CoreFlex since I’m interested in the deck regardless and if I can’t MacGyver some water-proof-ish mount then get an easier deck to work with and make a separate board with the CoreFlex.

Thanks for the remote suggestion, I’ll look into that as an alternative!

Finally, I don’t think the BMS has an integrated switch, or at least it’s not obvious on their product page, though I do need to check with Bestech if they ever follow up on my request for a single BMS, lol

@sumthingawsome yeah the deck is sweet, but remember it is dropthrough, which also decreases the space under the deck…

THere are somu builds with 10S4P batteries onf flexy deck, it is possible, but it is kinda difficult…

YOu should use spot welder, It is possible to make it without it, but you need a soldering iron/gun of high power and still there is a chance you will damage the cells and decrease their capacity…

Sorry, I’ve been a bit absent here; I’m gonna spend probably a few more days reading up on the electronics bit of this then call it and order the cells.

I just have a quick question about my 12s4p choice. From what I’ve gathered, the major reason most people go with 10s is to avoid too much voltage to the ESCs, but the Torque ESCs are rated up to 60V, 14s, so it seems like 12s should be fine? My motivation here is to get a skateboard with equal or greater power/range to an Evolve with a similar price point (my friends got some Evolves and I want to show them up :stuck_out_tongue:), hence going all out for a 12s4p/dual motor setup. Other than struggling to fit the batteries on the bottom of my board, is there anything else I should worry about with this setup?