First Build Check

Hi everyone, Could you tell me what do you think about these set? VESC


or is it better to buy two single ESC like


Over all I want to create good longboard and connect it to arduino or stm32 and tinker a little bit with control algorithms and maybe android connection.

Thanks for any word of advice : )

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not extremely experienced but I would say the two vescs for multiple reasons mainly redundancy but also cheaper to replace one of the two vs the entire dual vesc (also what is your budget as don’t quote me on this but I believe focboxes were on sale a bit ago hopefully still are for around 250)

Dual VESCs are fine. Although an electronics failure mean you have to replace both, they are smaller, so on a longboard that can be an advantage.

The 6374 motor is good, and probably over-rated, these can handle off-road and hills, so are more than you need for a longboard, however the 6355 or 6368 motors aren’t much cheaper, so you may just choose the extra power.

You could buy the VESC and remote from @Erominef (if you are in the US) Flatland pro gloves vesc 4.2 and remote, as that will save some cash.

What kind of ‘tinkering’ are you planning? I love a bit of tinkering. :grin:

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