First Build [COMPLETE!]

This is the final product! I left my initial post below to see what has changed from the initial build. I changed the deck, enclosure, power button, and perfectly aligned the motor mount using dimes as spacers. The deck I painted myself by buying a random longboard on offerup for $15, sanding all the paint off, painting it, and carving the grip tape to have a cool design with my initials on it. I designed an enclosure in solidworks and 3D printed it to fit MiamiElectric equipment inside of it (12s2p battery, OESC, power switch, and BMS) along with having a mount for the charger, my own power button, and the battery meter. Motor mount didn’t quite line up correctly for the belt to fit on the wheel gear correctly, so I used some strategically placed dimes and pasted JB weld all over the top to make sure they’re not going anywhere. I’m super happy with the final product, and I’ll get some statistics out later on with the sort of mileage and speed I get with the parts I picked, my body weight etc.

If anyone’s interested, I can upload the enclosure STL file as well as the CAD file if you liked the design of the enclosure!

Enourmous shoutout to Miami Electric (I believe his name is @oriol360 on the forums?) All of his equipment worked fantastic, and when I mucked up the power switch due to overconfidence in wiring a new power button, he let me send back the broken power switch and repaired it along with putting the new button on and sent it back. Didn’t even make me pay for shipping (’:

Also a shoutout to everyone on these forums helping me out! No way I would have been able to build this without y’all!

Everything below here is from my initial post detailing my plans. You can see the final product is fairly different than what I was initially going for!


So I spent a day or two looking at electric longboards to buy until I realized that building one would get me exactly what I need for the price I want, so here I am! My goals are a decent range board (anything that hits over 10 miles consistently is perfect!) with decent speed. No major hills in my area, just a few casual slopes. Not really looking to kill myself going 30mph on a board. The deck style I wanted is a 30" cruiser board with a kicktail for maneuvering a college campus. I also found some sweet 100mm blue AT wheels I would love to use, and I listed everything below. Mainly want someone to double check that everything will be compatible and work alright.

* $785 total!

Thanks and gig em!

looks like a good start. the only thing I would consider changing is the pulley kit. 9mm belt is quite thin. I’d run minimum 12mm belt for a single motor.


Do you have any brands/places in specific I should look at for a wider belt/pulleys? The only other one I found was from torqueboards which was like $50 for the set rather than the $30 I had picked out (I’ll spend the extra money if I need to though)

The low cost is because the wheel pulley is 3d printed.

IMO go with a 15mm kit from @johnny_261

You’re never going to fit two 6374s on your 9" hanger, so you may as well slap on a big ass pulley for reduced belt slip

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You need to buy aseitch for the battery

+1, switch (which can be included in the pack as an add on item) but also it doesn’t seem to have a voltage meter.

I bought a battery that has the power switch included. Here’s what it states at the bottom of the website

Power Switch option comes with LCD screen also

That’s very general, but would an LCD screen display the voltage? Also I have a voltage meter at home (the one with two prongs and display) but I’m getting the impression you mean something else

Ah, I didn’t see that, but yes, a battery percent meter, or a battery voltage meter, either will work.

Most of that will be pretty hard to fit on a 29" deck. You’ll need to increase your deck size and/or wheelbase to accommodate.

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What’s the minimum deck size you think I would be safe with?

sidenote: Any deck recommendations that look like the riptide board? That’s pretty much the exact deck that I want

Depends on the components. For our batteries, we recommend 25" wheelbase to be safe.

You can build things smaller but you’ll have to do more DIY and/or sacrifice the size of your battery.

Just add up the lengths and add an inch or so for extra space/clearance.

Update: I have purchased everything (updated) list above and it should be coming in the next two weeks or so. I left the deck open for now as I want to go view some in person at some skateshops around first before I make a decision (as well as do some math for how large of an enclosure I will need to build and hence how large of a board I will need). I will post again soon with my progress on how everything is doing.

I did a 33” deck that works very well with 26” of wheelbase so yeah I can link it if you want

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Yea I’d love to see it! Especially if you have a link to the deck you used

Yeah sure the deck is a Jet Vulcan Classic 33”

This is going to be a very nice board. You have done well and spent a bit more money on some quality components

Update: I found a deck I really want to use, but I’m not sure how much clearance I will have. The battery I ordered is 10 inches long and like 4 inches wide and the wheelbase on the board I want is 16.25 inches long. Anyone have any experience with a short deck build like this? (Deck is supposedly 10 inches wide so I could do some creative side by side mounting under the board?) link to the deck is in the topic above

After countless impatient hours, the build is finally complete! Thanks a load to everyone who helped! <3

Post some pics plzz🙂

Anything in specific you want to see? I’ve already posted the final pics at the top!

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