First Build - Critique my parts/sellers list


So I’ve finally committed to building an electric longboard after many weeks of combing through the forums. I’ll be going to grad school in San Deigo in the fall and I want to build a solid, reliable board that I can cruise around campus/town with. I do not want to cheap out on key components (Controller, Motor, Battery) but I am fine with getting cheaper secondary parts. Given this philosophy, it seems pretty hard to keep my build under $700 (which was my initial goal), but I’m ok spending up to $800.

Here are the parts and sellers that I am planning on using (not including connectors, wiring, and tools) and would appreciate any advice the forum has with regards to seller credibility, budget, and overall build. Am I overspending/underspending? Are all my components compatible? Is there enough space underneath the board to mount/fit everything?

Parts List: Battery: Self Built 10s4p, Samsung 30q’s from IMR Controller: FOCBOX (not sure where from yet) BMS: Charge only for 10s systems from Ebay Motor: 6374 170kv from Michhobby Pulleys: 15mm kit from @johnny_261
Mount: CNC mount with idler from @Boardnamics Trucks: Caliber II (50 deg) from Amazon Deck: Pintail from TGM Charger: 42V 2A Charger from Ebay Remote: 2.4Ghz trigger-style from Banggood

Thanks for taking the time to offer your comments and suggestions!!


P.S. I am waiting to see everything laid out before I decide on a proper enclosure.

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Be sure to get xt90s, silicon wire, bullet connectors, soldering iron and solder if you don’t have any, locktite, and some heatshrink!

Don’t forget the anti-spark aswell!
Everything else seems good!


Don’t forget a enclosure and how are you doing your battery setup because you may have a hard time finding an enclosure with the shape of the pintail.

Just a FYI, @marcmt88 is local in SD and sells a great complete drive-train setup. That being said, no knock against the pulley/mount setup you had listed since I run @johnny_261’s pulley’s myself.

Might be closer to a “turnkey” setup since it’s your first build.

Also, I kicked off another build without the boss’s approval (Mrs.). I may have a BNIB Focbox, 100 MBS AT wheels and other spare goods up for sale depending on how well Mother’s Day goes :rofl:.

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@zyphaz thanks letting me know about @marcmt88’s kit. I hadn’t seen that before. I think I’m going to stick with the current setup just for the few extra $$ in saving. And let me know about the Focbox! I’ll keep an eye on items for sale.

@briman05 I hadn’t thought about that. I’ll check the dims of that board, I might end up molding something custom.

@ARetardedPillow thanks for looking over everything. I will not forget the anti-spark!

If your looking for Focboxes or other products, is having 20% sale for any purchases over $200. $120 per focbox, I bought a couple myself.

The link doesn’t work

:point_up:…that item alone will at least raise the bar to the $350 mark. :grimacing:

…which in turn will skyrocket your most optimistic budget goals… :point_down:


Given this philosophy, it seems pretty hard to keep my build under $700 (which was my initial goal), but I’m ok spending up to $800.

Prepare yourself to become ballistic with this one man. Your LEO will be, minimun, at the $1400 altitud… at least. :rocket:

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I went and added 2 focboxes to my cart and instead of having 20% of discount I got USD 10 more for pre-order

Did you use the code PRESTOCK1?

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You could save some money by using a 6374 Sk3 motor from HobbyKing. Those are known for being rock solid motors and they are almost half the price of the one you listed. The Keda motors are also great bang for your buck

@Naysh your code works, $240 for two Focboxs. I’ll see if anyone on the forums wants to split that with me. Thanks!

@pixelsilva why do you say that? At $4.50 a cell, 40 cells should cost me $180. If nickel strips, heatshrink, wiring are added, I’m up to maybe $210 ish?

@pat.speed thanks, I think I’m going to go for that then. It’ll save me $40.

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Anytime, just starting to put parts for my build together as well. Mine came in today, pretty fast shipping.

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