First Build | Custom Joker Deck | Bear Grizzlies | Kegels | Racerstar 5065 200kv | Focbox | 10s4p 30Q

So guys I figured I would start my first build log I have been here for several months and have read up on a lot and have tried to ask as little questions as possible until after I us the search function.

Deck: I make custom deck so I will be making designing my own deck for this build but it will be a Joker themed board. Boney Boards Instagram

Trucks: For the trucks I will be using Bear Grizzlies. I had them laying around from a previous deck that I ended up going with different truck so figured why not use what I have.@marcmt88 is making me some motor mounts that will fit my trucks

Wheels: When my wife asked what I wanted for Christmas top of the list was Orangatang Kegels and since it is a Joker board I had to go with the purple. wheels_

Motors: The motors I will be using are the Racerstar BRH5065 200kv motor

Controller: Going with the Focbox I had this ordered back in November and it came in Mid January

Battery: For my battery I went with a 10s4p made up of Samsung 30Q. I had @scepterr build the battery and has been lying it wait for it to be brought to life since he sent it to me.

Remote: For my remote also part of the cyber monday deal the Nano-X

I will be updating this build log as I built my board Iā€™m not in a super hurry for it to be done as it is still pretty cold here in Jersey and has been very rainy recently.


So I started my deck last week and have the design pretty much finished. Just have to add a little white in the face and some stuff around it and it will be ready for clear coating