First build! Diy 6s4p pack/ diy 6s esc/ ebay deck/ 83mm wheels/ winning remote/ single drive 230kv/psychotiller 405 enclosure

I finally built my first board! Man is it fasthat and extremely fun. Max speed of 21mph which is way more then I need or want to go. I climbed a 20% grade hill with no effort on the boards side. I already want to jump to 97mm wheels for more ride quality. Do I need a 40t wheel pulley for that size wheel? Also when I charge the board it kicks on the esc even with the switch off. Is that normal @torqueboards do I need to install a loop key?




Yeah, correct it will turn on when charging. It’s normal.

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Ok as long as I don’t burn anything up I’m good!

How much do you weigh? A single 6355 doesnt have the most power I would think.

150lbs. I think some people are just over engineering there stuff on here. Everyone to me to get a 10s pack but a 6s is plenty for me


I am 220lbs rider weight and climb big hills on my commutes, so 12S is a must!

Great build! I have a friend on a similar build path! Well done.

What deck is that?

It’s a ebay deck. I actually got impatient and was riding last night and caught a hole in the side walk and snapped the deck right at the front wheels so I will be buying a good deck

Oh! WOW! That is crazy! I hope you didn’t sustain any damage?! I am about to build up this deck…

I like the shape of that deck. How wide are you making it?

It is 35.5" x 9.5"

Oh nice! I just bought this one!

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That looks like a great shape! 10 ply should give a really stable ride quality at speed.

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I hope so! I was thinking about going with some 97mm wheels. You think I would be ok keeping the 36t wheel pulley if I have massive amount of torque now with 83

With the same wheels as yours I’m going with a 40 to start with. I have some fairly sustained kill climbing from Denver to Lakewood. Not very steep hills but constant.