First build - diyeboard or haggyboard drive system?

Hey All!

I’m planning my first Mountain Board build! I wanted to run some of these parts by you. I have built many a quadcopter and am pretty familiar with the electronics but I am a little confused on all the hardware.

I have a few questions that you more experienced boarders could probably answer – on motor/ truck / tire kit selection.

Truck / Motor Questions: So, I just kinda want something that works out of the box in terms of trucks/motors. My buddy just ordered stuff for his build and is using this truck/motor kit: which has some pretty tough looking offroad tires. However, browsing through this forum has led me to some posts stating that diyeboard’s electronic stuff isn’t that great. That same thread mentioned Haggyboard as a substitute: . These are more expensive, but I’m more interested in reliability and hardware simplicity than the cheapest components. Anyone have any experience with either of these? My gut is telling me to go with the haggyboard ones. But I will also be riding on gravel and by my farms grass roads so maybe I should go with the bigger tires? Or maybe put big tires in the front and the haggybord drives in the back?

I also have noticed trampaboards has really good looking stuff. But the website is confusing and I don’t know which mounts/boards/trucks all go together. And since I want to build the board myself, I probably wont use them unless there is a trampa diy listing post I missed.

One final comment – I plan on using a Team Blacksheep Crossfire for my RC system, which considering I have used that RC system at over 20K, may be the greatest overkill of an RC system ever :blush: I also work with a team, Altrubots, that makes internet controlled RC software – so once the build is done I’ll let you guys control my RC equipment and drive me around over the internet (in a safe parking lot of course).


Haggy Board no question. Incomparable to the others you linked. There is serious quality and part compatibility with the haggys, plus Timo is available to chat on the other forum (

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