First Build Documentary

After watching a friend, decided it was time for me. Started from a yuneec ego, to Backfire G2s, to Boosted Stealth. Now working on an off road beast with great range.

These are the parts I have already ordered. Dickyho Caliber Motor Mounts Dickyho 200kv 6374 Motors TB 218 Trucks TB all terrain 6.3x2.5 wheels MetroBoard 10s8p LG MH1 Vesc Mini 4.2 updated Recycled Backfire Deck with Homemade ABS enclosure or SkateShred Deck with Psychotiller enclosure

I like the look and shape of the backfire deck but because of how thin it is, none of the current Psychotiller enclosures will fit. I’m also not sure to get the VX1 or buy another 2.4ghz trigger remote.

Dickyho: $160 Motor Mounts Motors Cross Plate Steel 16 Pulleys

TB: $275 AT Wheels 218 Trucks

MetroBoard: $445 10s8p battery 4amp charger

Alliexpress: $115 Mini 4.2 Vesc

Misc: ~$50 Nylon braided cable XT90 Connectors Bullet Connectors Kayak Handle

Total: ~$1045

I currently have put few parts together, still missing my vesc to bench test. I also need to figure out my enclosure and remote and hopefully I can be riding by the end of the week!!

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You’ll have to bypass the bms on that metroboard battery if you want more than 15A/motor. Looks like a good start, but that’s a short list. Where are the rest of the parts, and the pics?

Also, before you spend too much time on this thread, might as well head over to https://forum./ where you’ll get way more 'ttention.

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Actually forgot to add that I have bypassed the discharge so I should be getting 80 amps out of the pack now. Was contemplating on putting the same post on both but I’ll just go ahead then. Thanks!

Yea @ansonng what he said!

Hi All - I am looking for someone who can repair a Yuneec E-Go board on Los Angeles. I have two handheld controllers and two VESC’s. The board was used twice and then sat for several years. Happy to pay for your expertise to bring this board back to life. thanks, Chuck -