First Build - Does this look alright?

Hey everyone! Been researching building my own board for about a week solid now and think I have a pretty decent parts list. Would anyone mind checking over this to see if everything looks alright? Thanks!


  • 2x 5000mAh LiPo (3S, in series)
  • 150A car ESC
  • GT2B Tx/Rx
  • DIY’s 6355 190KV motor
  • various connector bits


  • Caliber II Fifty trucks
  • 83mm flywheels w/ bones reds bearings
  • 43" pintail deck

Motor Mount Looking at the v4 motor mount but also open to cheaper options since that one is $107 including the pulley system.

Any suggested changes/improvements? My total right now is just over $500, and I’d like to keep it under $600 if possible. Also, I weigh around 260lb, so if I need a motor with more torque or something let me know.

Thanks in advance! Adam

Also just realized I’ll definitely want a BMS for charging.

Will this one work with a charging port soldered on?

And let’s say I wanted a voltage meter along with this BMS - can I just splice the balance leads?

Ur build seems quite simple look through some on the forum

What makes it too simple? What else do I need? Of course my list doesn’t include the enclosure or anything yet but I wanna make sure this drivetrain + electronics is good to go before I get caught up in the aesthetics and such.

Nothing is wrong with simple it’s just 6s Lipo setups are quite common here. And yes your setup seems fine to me

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Gotcha. Thanks! I’ve been looking around a lot (I spent 8+ hours straight reading on here the other day lol) and I think this will be good for my first build.

Oh yea it’ll definitely be good, if u want more speed go 245kv, or increase voltage maybe look into a 6s 4p li ion pack

I opted for more torque because 1) I’m slightly afraid of going really fast (long story short, I busted my ass going 20-25mph and couldn’t walk right for a couple days) and 2) I’m a big guy and I think having more torque will be better in the long run. Does that sound reasonable (at least the second point haha)?

For sure probably extended battery life too

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Will you need to climb hills? If so im going to guess there wll be suggestions of running higher voltage to keep the amp draw down. That could also lead down the path of running 2 motors.

If you just want to ride on the flat, however, im sure that your list would be fine with the right gearing

My campus has a few hills but none too steep. I suppose if it becomes a problem I could upgrade, but what would you suggest if I went ahead and swapped out my 6s setup for something else? I’d definitely prefer to keep it a mono setup now because I can’t afford 2x motors and 2x ESCs right now haha. Perhaps my second board can be dual drive :stuck_out_tongue:

Im sure there is a thread knocking around the forum which has recommended items suitable for esk8 use. There arent many that will go higher than 6s to choose from, but there are a few. Maybe spend some time trying to locate that thread. People will recommend vesc, i have no experience with this currently but there are good/bad points to it. I seem to remember the fvt120 being mentioned also. There is the hobbywing max6 and other hobbywing escs which have been proven.

I think the key to your build (and staying mono/cheap) is the double advantage of having no hills and the fact you dont want to go too fast!

Im not sure where the super knowledgeable builders are atm but im sure if you give it some time they will be along soon :slight_smile:

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btw im not saying that 6s wont work at all, i just think you have less leeway in gearing etc to get it right :slight_smile: be patient, someone will be along soon!

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Thanks! I’ll do some more digging.

In the meantime, I had another quick question – how the heck do I mount my electronics? do they get mounted directly to the board or into the enclosure which is then mounted to the board? Just thinking about previous experienced with double sided foam tape and velcro, I doubt it would hold the LiPos to the board for very long, which makes me think I’d mount everything in the enclosures so it gravity wouldn’t constantly be trying to pull them down. Just wanted to see what everyone else did!

There is no right or wrong way really, some duct tape their electronics to the board and others go all out with carbon fibre moulded parts. Its up to you really though in my mind a cheap and reliable option would be a plastic food container mounted to the board with a snap shut locked lid. You’re right velcro and double sided tape wont hold lipos upside down for long at all. Not to mention providing no physical protection. Basically you want your electrics to stay secure, not short out, stay dry, run cool. Try to keep cable lengths to a minimum, avoid sharp bends and make sure all your joints are well soldered or secure if just plugged in. There really are hundreds of threads with peoples enclosures. Im sure theres even an enclosure inspiration thread i think. Take a look :slight_smile: I think once your weeks research turns into a month you’ll have a much clearer picture :wink:

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Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… I made my electric skateboard for around $300.

Motor 5055 outrunner $50 ( need to buy a better motor) Goolrc esc 120a $50 Motor 16t pulley $7 Home made motor mount $12 Bamboo long board $35 Wires and connectors $15 Charger $20 Enclosure $16 3s lipo 11.1v x2 =$50 Grip tape $5 Screws $5

Took parts from Exkate power board $50 ( 4 83mm Wheels, large pulley 60t, belt, trucks )