First Build / Dual 6355 190KV / 12s3p / Vesc

Hi this is my first time building an electric skateboard. I’m aiming for 25+mph top speed with a decent ride range of 10+ miles. I weigh just over 100kg hence using dual motors for more torque. I would like to know if the set up I have gone for would work: -Deck: 38 inch drop through deck -Motors: Dual 6355 190KV torque boards motors () -Battery: 12s3p, should i build my own so that I can choose the arrangement and what Lipos i can use or buy it pre built as it’s my first time? -Remote: 2.4Ghz nano remote controller -Receiver: 2.4Ghz mini receiver -Motor mounts/pulleys: Dual motor mechanical kit () with 83mm wheels, 63mm motor mounts, 36T wheel pulley, 16T motor pulley and 265mm High torque timing belt (Do I need wider rear trucks?) and I’m aiming for a 65mm center distance -BMS: 36V 100A LiFePo4 Battery BMS LFP PCM SMT System 12S 12x 3.2V eBike Battery 12x3V (Does it need to be 100A rated or would 80A do?) -Charger: 36V 43.8V 5A LiFePo4 Battery Charger 12S 12 x 3.2V LiFe Charger High Performance -Vesc x2: I am planning to make my own Vesc by taking a PCB design and having it custom made, i will then solder on the components myself and load the program needed. Something along these lines any notes or things to account for would be much appreciated :slight_smile: -Battery display: 2016 Battery Capacity Tester Indicator for 12V 24v 36v 48v CAR Lead-acid lithium

  • I also plan to have an external power switch and potentially put in a fuse (Not too sure on what amp rating and where it would need to go) Thanks Ashley (Sorry if I’ve posted in the wrong section)

Curious, what is the purpose of the college project

It’s long winded but effectively design and make an improved version of a product available on the current market but we got to choose what we wanted to do and it had to be related to electronics.

That charger is designed for 3.2v lithium iron phosphate cells, and is not compatible with 3.7v lithium-ion or lithium-polymer cells. I’d recommend going with a prebuilt pack, or lipos, rather than trying to make a custom pack out of 18650 cells.

You’ll also need a BMS unless you plan to use a balance charger.


Sweet, to make the vesc u will need smd soldering if recommended a hot bed, and a battery that is done with lipos may be easier

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Okay I’m thinking of:

That’s a good shout cheers :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you noticed this, but the minimum order for that battery is 10 packs. Be careful with alibaba/aliexpress packs, they often come with cheap/no name cells with low discharge current.