First build/ dual FSESC 6.6 Plus7/ APS 6355S/INR18650-E35/

Hi everybody, i’m Tex, and i really love skateboard and longboard, in this forum i found many interesting things, from electronics, to mechanics, and many many ideas.

I found out eskate, last year in may, i was walking on the street near a beach and i saw an ekate DIY, i was totaly in love, but i didn’t know where to start, cause i wasn’t an expert about esc, battery, voltage, wheels.

So i discovered this beautiful forum last year, and i bought an used evolve bamboo for start, i was thinking it’s better to learn a lot on the forum, before fry many esc and components.

But now guys, i can’t sleep in the night, and i’m thinking every day to build a skate by my self

i’m so excited, i think i’m ready to stard, but consider me like a beginner.

For start at home now i have:

-Dual flipsky fsesc 6.6 plus

-Flipsky nano remote controller

-100mm rough stuff wheels and 90mm wheels

  • One long island longboard

-40 cells INR18650-35E samsung

I really don’t know if i want to do a 10S2P conf or a 10S4P, :persevere: i’m thinking about it. For the motors i will buy two alien power system sensored

gear 15/36 with 15mm belt

my goal is to ride at a cruise speed of 25-30 km/h with, but with also power below the deck. What do you think about this motor?

The motor mount and the trucks, will be always self made, by cnc milling machine in 6060 t6.

My doubt is about the BMS, i really don’t know how is the good one for me, on the 6355S spec i saw MAX Amp 55 per motor, so with two the max will be 105 A, do i need a BMS with more than 100A.

With this two motors with 10S2P or 10S4P with 90mm wheels, which could be the range riding like in eco mode?

The last question is, when you see a motor on the website, like Alien power system, where you have a huge of possibility, and you loose your mind, how can you distinguish a sucker battery motor, from a less sucker motor?

I hope i wrote everything you need to help me, this is the first step, after that i have other many questions about VESC tool, but this is another chapter :grinning:


This is your max theoretical speed using 100mm wheels{"batt-type-lipo":0,"batt-cells":10,"motor-kv":190,"system-efficiency":85,"motor-pulley-teeth":15,"wheel-pulley-teeth":36,"wheel-size":100}|

Use this calculator to get a good estimate on range although depends on your location, hills etc.

I wouldn’t get aps motor, get Maytech :wink:

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The alien motor you’ve chosen is not bad but if you want more torque and power try going up to 6374 or 6364 motor which should also give you more power. I am only suggesting this if you’re are building your own trucks you have the ability to change axle length to fit these motors in dual drive.

Alternatively try Torqueboards 6355 as thats rated at 2500w https:///products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv

Yes i already used both, but i don’t understa a few value:

-How can i choose the Avg. Power Consumption -How can i choose the efficiency

i have to configure with 7 poles am i right?

Set efficiency to around 85 percent, I would leave poles as they are (I think its 14 if I am right). Motors don’t tend to come with an uneven number of poles. I’d keep the calculator at 12whr as i dont know what route you’d take.

ok this is a good starting point

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A safe range for power consumption would be be 7 to 15 whr/km but it doesnt matter too much as its only for one motor.

With E35 do you mean Samsung 35E cells? If so, they are a bit low on the max. discharge the datasheet says 8A continuous and 13A peak maybe you can go a bit higher than that. With those cells I would suggest going 10S4P in this configuration you can draw around 40A. And you would purchase a BMS accordingly to what the max safe discharge of your battery is, in your case max. 40A.

This site has a lot of useful information on batteries. Enjoy building.

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Yes you are right, i have these at home

but wait, how do you calculate 40A? sorry i’m a beginner

Yes it has :smiley:

When you put your batteries in series you will double the Voltage, if your batteries have a nominal Voltage of 3.6V then you will have 36V with 10 cells in series eg. 10S. connecting_series Putting batteries in parallel will double the Capacity. Now you have four 10S packs which have a max discharge rate of around 10A, combine them and your max discharge is 40A. connecting_parallel Search google for batteries in Series and Parallel to find a more comprehensive answer then I gave, the parallel groups not only double the max discharge they also double the the whole capacity of your pack. Your cells have a capacity of 3500mAh or 3.5Ah multiply this by four to get the total capacity of 14Ah.

Motors at home :grinning: IMG_20190311_194221


Really happy :grinning:

So i decided for a 10S4P configuration, but two days ago a friend asked me, if i want to sell my INR18650-35, i was thinking why not, cause he already has these cells in other builds.

So if i sell the cells, i want to by the INR18650 30Q 15A, what do you think? New for new, please if you have any advice, tell me what’s the best cells you think, my goal is the quality, not interested in save money on the battery pack

Hi, the 40A is the highest discharge capacity what the 35E cells chemistry is able to provide. One cell is rated 3.6V 3500mAh @ 8A discharge. Four cells in parallel will multiply your capacity and discharge current by four, 4x3500mAh=14000mAh, 4x8A=36A. That means you can discharge a 36V(10S)14000mAh(4P)@36A maximum. here is a graph from mooch where he tested the 35E cell under different loads.

EDIT* Sorry that was meant as the answer of your PM. And go with the Samsung 30Q best bang for the buck.

so if i want to change my cells with INR18650-30Q always in 10S4P, i would have:

4x3000 mAh= 12000 mAh and 4x15A=60A

in this case the maximum discharge will be 60A

thanks again

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Yes, correct! Plus you can discharge the 30Q´s up to 20A safely. So your pack can deliver up to 80A.

wow amazing cells, ok tomorow i will definitly sell my cells, and buy the 30Q :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I was out my country for a long period, now im at home again :slight_smile: , so I sold my old cells, and now a friend of mine, give me 3 amazing battery packs, alls made with sony vtc6. I don t know for what they are used , but it told me are standard packs in the facrory where he works, like medical products, but I really don t undestand. In any case now I have two battery packs with 10s2p conf and one 10s4p with a huge and strage connector, he told me the lastone battery pack is capable to discharge all the power in 9 continuos minutes.

So what you think? Now can I try to use the vesc tool just for see my motors running? :slight_smile: And can I modify the 10s4p pack to fix on an xt90 connector?IMG_20190614_160244 IMG_20190614_160255 IMG_20190614_160332 IMG_20190614_160337 IMG_20190614_160345 IMG_20190614_160355 The 10s2p is on one layer configuration only, the 10s4p is two layer of 20 cells

The wires on the 4p look super thick. You may have some trouble fitting those into a XT90. You could check your motors out but you’ll probably want to mount them and get a switch or loop key of sorts.