First Build | Dual Motor | 10s4p | Largish rider | Need some help for confirming parts

Hey guys,

I’ve been lurking here for most of this month (despite what my account says, I recently made it) and have decided to finally start my own build. Main problems I have been running into, is finding parts here in Canada(mostly the batteries) and trying to find the best parts for me (I’m just under 100kg). I decided to order for DIY electric, Aliexpress, Amazon and a local skate shop. I’m not looking for crazy speeds or going great distances. Somewhere in the middle. I don’t live around crazy hills but they are some.

List of he parts I have come up so far:

  1. Motor and Vesc : Found this kit on DIY Electric, that seems right for me. Its dual motor 6355 149kv and has Vesc with all the wires needed. I am not sure if Dual 6355 can support me so I have also been considering Dual 6374 motor but it has a higher price.

  2. 2x Motor Mount and Pulleys : This is another kit from DIY electric that seems to have everything I need (its the 63 mount and 16t HTD5 pulley)

  3. Batteries: Option 1 HE2 or Option 2 HG2 . I am planning to make a 10s4p Li ion pack for the build. I am stuck in which option I should chose. The HE2 is $150 cheaper than HG2 but has lower capacity so I am not sure if it is worth it. Also these are from amazon so does anyone know a place in Canada (or that can ship here) where I may get it cheaper?

  4. Charger Should I get something more powerful? More amps ? The port aswell: Port

  5. BMS with Indicator and Convertor. These are from Aliexpress and I will be only charging so I don’t think I need one with higher discharge rate.

  6. Remote 1 or Remote 2: Is there a difference between these other than price? I think I might get first option

  7. Board will be a Earthwing Killer Chrome (35.5") which ill be getting form a local shop

  8. Caliber Trucks (50 or 44, not sure yet) or Torque Board 218mm Trucks depending on which motors I get

  9. 83mm Flywheels from DIY Electric or if I find wheels like these around me (anyone may know?)

  10. Bearing and Hardware I’ll be getting from a shop and connectors and wires I’ll be getting form Banngood

Any suggestion? Better option for my weight and for where I live?

Thank you for reading

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  1. I’d honestly suggest reconsidering focboxes instead of 4.x VESC. It’ll bump your cost here up by 100$ for a dual, but it’ll save you head ache later as they’re more reliable. If you go this route, I’d contact one of the focbox sellers in canada. @JohnnyMeduse or someone else along those lines.

  2. those are fine. Be aware that there are nuances with TB motor mounts. They work, but require a little finesse.

  3. If you want budget, I’d go with 25R over HE2. If you want to spend a little more, I would go 30Q over HG2

  4. Get a 4A charger. Trust me. 2A at 300+wh is awfully slow.

  5. I have no experiences with BMS.

  6. #2 is more reliable than #1. #1 is rechargable, #2 uses batteries. #1 has an extra ‘calibration’ step every time you turn it on if you want the full ppm band. If you’re comfortable with trigger style, get #2.

  7. your preference here

  8. get the 218mm. same price, and will support bigger motors later. You just get more flexibility here.

  9. get some MBS 100mm or some actual abec 11 flywheels. the urethane feel is significantly different when comparing clones to abec.

  1. Hobbyking motors are not bad if you want to save some money.
  2. Cheaper option or This.
  4. I’m not experience enough to talk about this.
  5. Want to invest in a really good BMS. People would recommend you this. Don’t want a cheap bms that doesn’t work and burn your battery down and then $250-ish down the drain for saving 20 bucks.
  6. Option 2. Unless you find something cheaper. Has to be reliable tho.
  7. OK
  8. If you decide to go for duel, then 218 mmm I think would be better.
  9. This? Or THIS.
  10. OK

Last but not least, state your desire speed, weight, area (hill or no hill).

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Will the SK3 6374 dual work with the large torque boards motor? Also I’m not trying to go crazy fast, don’t live near crazy hills but I counter some and I’m about 100kg

Thank you for the reply,

Is there any other mounts that you may recommend? I assumed if I was getting torque board mount that it will easily work with their trucks. Also the 30q are not available to me , so 25r or hg2 for the cells?

I think the motor mount from @marcmt88 look, really nice, with good quality. They are also not too expensive. 50$ or so i think. This mount will work great with 180 Calibers, as well as with torque boards 218 calibers. For the batteries go for hg2 if you have the money.


Also is shipping batteries from Europe more expensive? How expensive can custom taxes be?

definitely dual if you have the money. You gotta count the cost of like threalock, enclosure, nickle strips if you’re making your own battery, connectors and stuff like that. It adds up. I believe that since you’re doing dual motors. High KV motor should be ok. Again don’t quote me on that. I don’t quite understand your first question.

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Yeah Im trying to figure out if dual sk3 6374 are compatible with torqueboards trucks.

Thanks for the help

Here is a setup of my TB218mm truck with dual sk3 6374s using my custom made motor mount. Click on following link for additional details.


Thank you for he link! I’ll have a red through it when I get home

If 30q is not available, then yes, either 25r for budget, and hg2 for best option. Keep in mind that battery cells are not easily upgradable… so I recommend if you have ANY hesitation about a decreased range of -20% (2500 vs 3000mah) then get the hg2.

There are definitely a few options out there, marcmt88’s are quite good. I’d go with his so you can add idlers in the future if you want.

There are other motors out there that are not sk3’s that will 100% fit 218mm trucks. Don’t be afraid to look around. Maytech, JL’s etc.

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Depending on budget, you could get away with dual 6355 motors. I’ve carried 300+ pounds on my dual 6355 uphill lol. But if you’re buying larger trucks and everything, you may as well the dual 6372/6374 for $50 more. Be aware though, the hobby king sk3 6372/6374 motors are slightly longer than other motors, so they may not fit on your trucks depending on which mount you use. I believe they do not fit with the TorqueBoards/DIYElectric mounts, but it looks like from the picture that he posted, they do indeed fit on @marcmt88’s mounts.

As others have said, get focboxes or ollin vescs if you have the money, and get 30Q cells. The main reason behind this besides those components being higher quality is, in order to use all the power that dual motors can provide, you need an ESC and battery that can deliver the necessary power.



For the power, will 10s4p be suitable or will I have to be maybe upgrade to 12s4p. Im familiar with riding, so that’s why I was originally going with 10s.

10s should be fine. Going 12s over 10s will mainly only increase your speed and you’ll get a slight range increase of maybe 15%. The main thing when running big dual motors is to have lots of cells in parallel so that the battery is able to deliver enough amps to the motors. For example each cell outputs 20a continuous so 4p will allow you to get 80a continuous from your battery while 3p would only allow you 60a continuous from your battery.

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Ohhh ok. That’s clears it up. I’ll see if I can get 30Q from NKON to Canada for a reasonable price. If not I’ll go for the HG2


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12s will give you a speed bump over 10s. If you’re wanting to increase cell count and don’t care for increasing speed, go with a 10s5p setup.

Lets assume 3000mah 20A cells:

10s4p: 432wh @ 80A 12s4p: 518wh @ 80A 10s5p: 540wh @ 100A

12s4p will have a 17% capacity boost over a 10s4p. A 12s4p will also have a 17% speed boost over a 10s4p.

Side note- running 10s voltage is a bit safer than running 12s voltage. 10s is perfect for 190kv (many options). 12s is over 60kerpm for 190kv when fully charged to 50.4 and thus safer to run less than 190kv (lesser options)


Thank you for this helpful post. Yeah I think I may go for the safe route and do 10s4p or 10s5p. Will going for 5p cause wear on my motor and VESC?

Nope 4p and 5p have same amount of power so wouldn’t be any different, you would only have more capacity so longer distance but same motor power and top speed

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A 5p setup with 30q cells @ 15A would be capable of 75A continuous output. Each of the 4.x VESCs are rated to 50A, and FOCBOXes are rated to 60A. In a dual setup, you would split the max and min on the battery between the two speed controllers.

That would mean that if you wanted to use the maximum capability of your battery, you’d set each controller to +37.5A and -10A, which are well within the limitations of each speed controllers.

On the other hand, a 4p setup would only be capable of pushing 60A continuous. Either way, its split between 2 speed controllers. Now if you wanted to push 75A through a SINGLE controller, you’re going to have problems.

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