First Build | Dual Motor | 10s4p | Largish rider | Need some help for confirming parts

Really? I run 60motor amps each motor with my dual focbox and 10s3p its been fine and my motors don’t even get too hot, maybe you meant battery Max?

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most 63mm motors are rated to 80A.

Your 3p pack will never deliver too much power to your motors.

We’re talking about batteries here… batteries push power, speed controllers regulate power, and motors use power.

If you set your motor max high, but your battery can never deliver up to that power, then you’ll never have an issue. The bottle neck is always at the lowest denominator, or weakest part.


Will 12mm Belt work? and I am also planning to use Orangtang wheels and will 36t/16t system do fine? These one in specific

  1. I would advise against using kegels and instead use abec. Abec cores allow for much more versatility down the line when/if you want to upgrade.

  2. If you’re going to buy the motor mounts posted above from marcmt, you may as well purchase a 15mm kit from @johnny_261 as he is in canada and his stuff is real good. Plus 15mm belts give you better power delivery/braking, especially if you’re a bigger dude.

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Thanks so much, your really helping me out. I think I have this all figured out now

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Alright I think I got most of my part list done

Here is a Link:

6374s are not going to be faster than a 6355, but they will have more torque and the acceleration will be faster, hill climbing will feel like an even road

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Looks good. Interesting choice on the 35e. Same price as 30q, but more capacity while less discharge…

yeah I was going for 6355 originally(might still go for it) but for $50 more, I can get the 6374. I am also looking into the weight differences

Yeah 30Q are out of stock and the 30E seem like a better value. I’ve seen other builds using them aswell

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1 pound per motor between 6355 and 6374.

So did you bought from nkon?? Was the shipping long to canada?