First build - Dual motor 30mph

Hey all,

Been working on my first build for a while now but its finished so thought id share my set up.


40" Drop down drop through longboard Mindless Mountain board trucks 90mm wheels Dual 6364 190kv Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 2450W Brushless outrunner motors Flipsky Dual FSECS 4.2 Plus Vesc 2 Turnigy 5000mAh Graphene Panther Lipo batteries in series (8S) Paris truck motor mounts

Few points to pick up on

The batteries are mounted in the box on the top and fed through the board the Flipsky Vesc underneath which then goes to the motors. I want to just mention the Vesc thought. I used to use two of the single 4.2 vescs from Flipsky which were great but the Dual 4.2plus is awesome. The build quality is solid, its small but powerful and the response i get from it with power and the smoothness of the ride is amazing! Will 100% be upgrading to their 6.6plus as soon as i can because its said to be even better.

I also mounted the power button and a small hole where i can access the charging wires for the batteries without needing to take the lid of the box off. I had a bit of space so i mounted a small screwdriver into the box as a just in case measure.

I had 10mm spacers 3d printed for the trucks to sit on to give a little more height and so i could run the cables through for aesthetic reasons but i think they look great coming out of the truck like that.

The lights ive already posted about so you can see them here But essentially they are removable and come on by them selves when it gets dark by using a light sensor relay powered by the 5v output on the Vesc.

So far ive hit 30mph on it and it felt solid, but i didnt realise how little i needed to move either leg to create a wobble at that speed. Scary stuff!

P.s wife is a photographer, hence the last pictures lol

IMG_20190313_073344 IMG_20190313_073352 IMG_20190313_073357 IMG_20190313_073402 IMG_20190313_073403 IMG_20190321_144225 IMG_20190321_144229 IMG_20190321_144335 IMG_20190321_144343 IMG_20190321_144347 IMG_20190321_144350 IMG_20190321_144400 IMG_20190321_144408 IMG_20190321_144412 IMG_20190321_144419 IMG_20190321_144424 IMG_20190321_144443 IMG_20190321_144448 IMG_20190321_144501 IMG_20190321_144509 IMG_20190321_144551 IMG_20190321_144608 IMG_20190321_144612 IMG_20190321_144737 IMG_20190321_144739 IMG-20190319-WA0024 IMG-20190319-WA0025 IMG-20190319-WA0026 IMG-20190319-WA0027 IMG-20190319-WA0028 IMG-20190319-WA0029 IMG-20190319-WA0030 IMG-20190319-WA0031 IMG-20190319-WA0034 IMG-20190319-WA0035 IMG-20190319-WA0036 IMG-20190319-WA0038 IMG-20190319-WA0039 IMG-20190319-WA0040 IMG-20190319-WA0041 IMG-20190319-WA0043 IMG-20190319-WA0044 IMG-20190319-WA0045 IMG-20190319-WA0046 IMG-20190319-WA0047 IMG-20190319-WA0048


Nice build, but there wasn’t enough money left for a helmet? :thinking:


Haha knew that was going to be bought up. Ive got one but the pics were taken on a small park run with the wife. She was on it more than me lol 10mph tops.

Awesome, I like all the QOL improvements you made. This build is much more than a bunch of assembled parts! Although, I hope you don’t ever get caught in the rain.

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Nice build, do you have the files to that GoPro mount

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Hi, the mount was part of a kit that i got with the camera and not printed. It was half of what i assume you use to mount it to handle bars. I just screwed it into the board but it came off pretty quickly as the mount wasnt that great.

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