First build... dual setup

Hi esk8 fam. Been doing alot of reading and its amazing just hw mch info is here on the forum…

Just waiting on a few bits and pieces to show up so i can finish my build…

So heres a break down of my build…

Deck - sector 9 rasta striker drop through deck… 36.5 inch long x 9.5 wide with kicktail…

Trucks - Evolve Gt front and rear trucks

Motor mounts - Marcs dual idler rear motor mounts x2

Motors - dual 7374 sealed 170kv

Remote - maytech mini remote/reivever

Vesc - dual 4.12 vesc running the 3.3 firmware

Antispark switch - simple xt90

Battery setup - Dual dewalt flexvolt 9ah batterys ( combined as 10s3p setup using sanyo 20700A cells)

Wheels - 100mm mbs all terrains

Bearings - reds ceramics

Pulleys/belts - dual 15mm belts/ 15t/36t combo (hardware from marct88.

Enclosure - 3d printed enclosure to suit dual vesc… also 3d printing out x2 modular batt adapters for the dewalt flexvolt batts… i plan to mount these to the tail of the deck…

Others - wires, xt90 conectors, nut certs, braided sleeving for wires, heat shrink, volts/batt indicator etc…

Lights - dont plan on riding at night but happy to suggestions…

Plan on building my own 12s4p pack and running an enclosure underneath but for nw il just use my dewalt batts…

Thoughts and opinions welcomed…








![20180506_115228|690x335] (upload://u0KesAc3LQI8CrQETeNibfGy9wn.jpg)



Throw up some more pics when the rest of the stuff decide to show up…


That looks beautiful, I suggest you install vicious grip tape on top of it, It’d look killer

I guess you are gong to disassemble the battery pack in order to make your own pack, am I correct?

I will run the dewalts batts as is for nw ontop of the deck on the tail… im going to order a new spot welder, a bunch of 30qs and some nickel strip and have a crack at doing my own 12s4p pack and then run a full size enclosure underneath to house batts and electronics…

If you got the 20700 cells already why not use them? They are amazing cells even better than the 30Qs.

You could do a 12s3p and have even more discharge capacity than 12s4p 30qs

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That would be a sick setup if you could find slim batteries. cheap chargers and ability to swap the batteries and use them for tools.


First build comming along nicely… just waiting on my 3d printed parts to come in the mail so i can wire and hookup my dewalt battery setup…

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Will run 3d printed dual vesc enclosure underneath… and still deciding hw i want to run my batterys…

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Thoughts on grip tape?

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Dont put grip tape on that bamboo veneer. Just put some spar urethane over the existing grip and sprinkle some fine grain broken glass. Let it dry and put another coat of spar over it

Still waiting on my 3d printed enclosure but was able to hookup remote vesc and motors and test electrnoics… its pretty loud… also i have alot of resistance on the wheels… like they dont free roll/spin for more than a couple seconds when u flick them wiv your hand… is this normal due to the belts etc?

Was able to take it on its first test ride today… i just rubber banded eveything to the deck… lol… and shes a absolute beast… dont knw what i was thinkng being my first build… but she hauls… brakes taking some geting use to as there quite agressive but there needed to slow this thing dwn… was gonna go 12s setup but i think 10s will be plenty for nw…


Lower your battery min to control the brake force. I usually start at -15, if they are too string go to -12, I’d too weak got to -18.

cool work man !

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Dope build. I love the drop through deck with a kick tail. I want one!

Cheers… ye its comming along pretty well… just waiting for a few bits and pieces to rock up then i can finish it, tune the vesc and put some hrs onit…

I also didnt have any keys for the keyways in the motor shaft so i just chopped down an allen key arnd the same size… :joy::joy: works a treat…


Waiting for parts to come has to be the worst part of a diy build… was dying to get out for a ride so rigged up the electrics as seen in pics… was supose to be just tempoary but it kinda works well… :joy::joy:


First time i went to dial in the vesc… i was having issues trying to run bldc hybrid… kept geting unknown hall error 255… but thats all sorted nw so no push start needed… i dont know how you guys ride dual 6374 setups… there animals… even at 15/36 im too scared to go more than half throttle… and the evolve trucks get mad death wobbles when you punch the throttle… lol… already ordered harder compound bushings… 3d printed enclosure and xt90 aniti spark bits and braided wiring loom and a few other bits and pieces shld hopefully show up some time nxt week…

Did you draw by your sel the battery seats, is possible to have the STL file. It’s look amazing :wink: