First build... dual setup

Still waiting on my 3d printed enclosure but was able to hookup remote vesc and motors and test electrnoics… its pretty loud… also i have alot of resistance on the wheels… like they dont free roll/spin for more than a couple seconds when u flick them wiv your hand… is this normal due to the belts etc?

Was able to take it on its first test ride today… i just rubber banded eveything to the deck… lol… and shes a absolute beast… dont knw what i was thinkng being my first build… but she hauls… brakes taking some geting use to as there quite agressive but there needed to slow this thing dwn… was gonna go 12s setup but i think 10s will be plenty for nw…


Lower your battery min to control the brake force. I usually start at -15, if they are too string go to -12, I’d too weak got to -18.

cool work man !

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Dope build. I love the drop through deck with a kick tail. I want one!

Cheers… ye its comming along pretty well… just waiting for a few bits and pieces to rock up then i can finish it, tune the vesc and put some hrs onit…

I also didnt have any keys for the keyways in the motor shaft so i just chopped down an allen key arnd the same size… :joy::joy: works a treat…


Waiting for parts to come has to be the worst part of a diy build… was dying to get out for a ride so rigged up the electrics as seen in pics… was supose to be just tempoary but it kinda works well… :joy::joy:


First time i went to dial in the vesc… i was having issues trying to run bldc hybrid… kept geting unknown hall error 255… but thats all sorted nw so no push start needed… i dont know how you guys ride dual 6374 setups… there animals… even at 15/36 im too scared to go more than half throttle… and the evolve trucks get mad death wobbles when you punch the throttle… lol… already ordered harder compound bushings… 3d printed enclosure and xt90 aniti spark bits and braided wiring loom and a few other bits and pieces shld hopefully show up some time nxt week…

Did you draw by your sel the battery seats, is possible to have the STL file. It’s look amazing :wink:

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File is up on thingyverse

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Is this the one?

Also, I applaud your DIY on many levels. I was thinking about doing something very similar in order to have an electric board that would be allowed on any airline. Some airlines and charters don’t allow any electric skateboard batteries regardless of size. But everyone allows power tool batteries, especially those as small as you have chosen. Two 18 volt batteries in series gives you almost 40 volts and keeps the watt hours down below the airlines maximum battery size values. Everything you have done is brilliant. Power tool batteries are cheap, produced in high volume and available locally without needing to worry about the high cost of hazardous materials shipping. It all makes so much sense.

I’m curious what happens to your vescs when the batteries on board BMS cuts off the power to prevent over depleting the battery. Do you lose all power including brakes? Do you get any spontaneous brakes or wheel lock? Are you using e-brake or regenerative braking in your VESC settings?

If you find the straight line stability to be poor, try switching to a longer more flexible board like a vanguard Flex 1. Those off road wheels likely won’t improve your straight line stability. Maybe try switching to a conventional longboard wheel.

If you find the acceleration and or braking too much to handle from those massive motors then you might want to consider a tether as featured in this video:

One more thing that can improve your straight line stability and eliminate speed wobbles is doubling up the truck to make a 6 wheeled or 8 wheeled longboard. You can see this also in the above video.

Congrats on your build. Fantastic ideas!!!


Really cool! Agree with @pkasanda - the Tool Battery Idea is excellent. Easy swap. Easy travel. Throw a few extra in your backpack for longer trips… boom!

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When those 18 volt batteries are fully charged and connected in series, what does the volt meter read? Is it about 42.5 volts fully charged? Then 36 volts when fully depleted. If its in that range then your battery idea would work well as a range booster for lots of different boards.

Cheers for the feedback. For a first diy board it came out a treat. My board is so versatile… if i want to just shoot up the rd or go for a cruise i can use x2 1.5ah 18v batts. Nice light and compact with no voltage sag at all… x2 18v 5ah batts are a good everyday batt. And then i use x2 9ah batts if wanting to ride 35 plus km range. I have dialed in the evolve trucks to my liking which is basically stable at upto 40km and still has carving and sharp turning manuvability… love the sector 9 drop through deck. It works well… pretty happy with the wheels so far… vesc settings are at -10amp for batt regen… as you have made aware you can travel anywhere with this board and batts are airplane friendly and readily available at most hardware stores… dewalt will also be realeasing there 12ah batts this year and will def be a game changer… dual 6374 you have torque for dayys. Dual 15mm belts you have better breaking and dual idlers you have minimal to no belt slip…

Exactly… i can even charge my batts using a solar blanket…

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If you have a chance can you take a volt meter reading for a fully charged pair and a fully depleted pair of dewalt batteries? If the high voltage is close to 42.5 and the low voltage is 36, then I’m going to print off a pair of battery adapters and set them up as booster packs to support my Landwheel bateries. I’d love to add the range that you are reporting to my current range.