First build/Dusters MEDUSA Multi 38" Longboard/Vanda VESC/Carvon v2 single

Hi guys, I decided to build my electric skateboard last weekend and was surprised that I can finish my first board within 3 hours.

Here are technical details for my board: 3x LiPO battery (5400 mAh/11.1V/30c) 1x Vanda Electronics VESC with custom wires & connectors 1x Cable assembly for between battery and VESC 1x Carvon v2 single 1x Dusters MEDUSA Multi 38" Longboard 1x RC Controller

Let’s start running the photos:

Bye bye to my bare board

Soldering is fun

Cable assebmly for between battery and VESC


It’s time to do functional test

I’m riding my first electric skateboard in the basement parking lot and security guard is chaseing me behind :laughing:

Next day testing along the river~fun fun fun :grin:


Very nice simple build Karen. Good job. I like hub motors especially to be able to use a double drop deck. After you have run it a few times I would be curious to hear the actual range you are getting. Can you report back later? Guessing 10 miles or 16-18kms?

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Thank you! I will report you back about my range after testing :slight_smile:

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great one ! what a clean workshop area!!!


Is that a car in the background of some of the photos?


well, maybe the first esk8 build ever done by a lady !

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awesome ! clean, light, simple fine ! What else ? ENJOY :wink:


Yeah, it’s a race car :slight_smile:

This is my websie You can make a simple build electric skateboard just like I did :wink:

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3 hours. that’s fast. it took me months :sweat:

Wow! Could you post a picture of it?

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Just checked out your Team and gotta say:

That is not something the Quality Control guy should be saying :wink:,f_auto,fl_progressive,h_1500,q_90,w_2000/v1/179886/AO8A0608_stsde3.jpg

Here is a good hi-res photo.


I’m about to buy a Vesc and looking at your site, Vanda Electronics. How is your Vesc holding up? Any issues? I’m also wondering why only one capacitor where other brands use three?

Hello Malibujv,

We have zero defect and zero return from our customers. In addition, we use Panasonic Leaded 2200UF 63V NHG-A. Our single capacitor is rated to 2200uF. Other brands typically used 3x650uF or 2x1000uF. As a result, we have more capacitance than other brands.

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Wow! Awesome! I’m sold! How is your Carvon hub motor holding up?

Carvon hub motor is holding up ok. However, we do plan to make update version of hub motor from Vanda Electronics.


Karen, any news on your updated hub motors? Do you currently sell old versions?