First Build! | eBay Deck | 190kv TB Motor | DIYes VESC | 12s 5Ah | Single Drive | DIYes Mount | Modded DIYes Enclosures

Hi and a quick thank you to everyone on this forum! I pretty much learned 99% of the stuff I needed to build my first board from here! Building an electric skateboard in the UK has proven fairly hard, parts sourcing-wise!

This was my first build, but I am already planning my next build, this stuff is addictive…

Components are as follows:

  • Cheap eBay board, sanded and clear-coated
  • Caliber II’s 50’
  • Random 83mm wheels from eBay
  • 190kv Torqueboard 6355 Motor
  • DIYes Motor Mount and Pulleys (13/36 right now but have a 16t to test when I get a longer belt)
  • DIYes Enclosures (Modified slightly to more fit the shape of the deck)
  • 3x 4s 5000mAh Zippy Compact Lipo’s
  • DIYes VESC
  • Vedder’s Anti-Spark Switch (Got a blank PCB from a guy on eBay and soldered it up with parts from Mouser)

Still to do (When parts arrive!)

  • 12s 60A BMS
  • Re-grip
  • Possibly come up with a neat idea to fill the drop through holes flush so I can grip over the top…

I’ll take some internal pics next time I crack her open for charging… (Hurry up BMS!)

I haven’t had a lot of time and summer is running out to test the board properly, but I will probably update this thread with top speeds (getting my confidence up, 10-15mph feels pretty fast already!) and also max ranges.




Nice build ! Are the randalls stable at speed ? Expensive hobby this one mate! I started out just looking to increase range on my evolve and now have 1 DIY done and 2 more boards in pieces !

very clean build. Do you have any problems going uphill? How heavy are you?

Thanks! The eBay wheels? Have had no problems with stability so far, I do think they may be a little on the hard side maybe, that or I need some cushy risers, the roads here aren’t the kindest and the vibrations can be annoying!

Expensive indeed, I’m really tempted to build a flexy cruiser for my next board…

I probably weigh around 190-200 and have had no trouble going up hills, my gearing of 13/16 on a 12mm belt is pretty torquey though I guess? Granted where I live is relatively flat!

You meant 13/ 36 :wink:

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Indeed! :sweat_smile:


BMS is in, so one plug onboard charging is working! (So much easier than opening up the case to charge each Lipo separately!).

Painted my trucks black and extended the wheelbase and now feels much more stable and less squirrelly at higher speeds.


Some new pics (With a better camera…):