First. Build. Ever || WENDIGO || Single 6374 || 10s3p 25 || 90mm ABEC11 Flywheels

Greetings all! I’m 46 and skate “regular” boards - ramps, bowls, etc. I have a couple mini ramps at my house and host regular sessions for friends and neighbors. A fellow OG skater brought his electric longboard over and I gave it a spin and got hooked. Now I’m building my own!

Here are my plans so far, with some explanation. If anything seems off please feel free to set me right:

Deck: Madrid Wendigo - I will confess to really not liking longboard decks, probably because I’ve been skating regular boards for 40 years. I like this deck because it’s a super-stiff downhill board, not too long or wide, the wheels are underneath (where they belong ;)) and a tail.

Trucks: Caliber II 50 10" - I really like the stock bushings on these already!

Wheels: IBEC11 90mm Flywheels (real ones) w/ Bones Swiss Bearings (had these lying around) - I can’t stand cheap urethane and I have some rough riding around here. These wheels are HUGE compared to what I’m used to. Big wheels = slow acceleration but high speed with push skating ,I’m expecting the same with a motor? Half inch risers and huge wheel wells = no wheel bite.

Motor: Torqueboards Single 6374 190kv

Mount: Torqueboards v4

Drive: 12mm belt, 16/36 - I need torque for some hills around here. Does this gearing sound OK for 90mm wheels?

Torque VESC

Battery: DIY 10s3p with Samsung 18650 25r in 3 bay vape sleds. 60a 10s BMS. - I really want to try this. The sleds cost a bit more up-front but I think with proper mounting and connections this will be solid and modular.

I started with one of these: a DOA 80v lawnmower battery. They send me a new one and I was hoping it was just a failed PCB or BMS connection. If my math was correct it would have 20 18650 cells inside.

Yup. 20 Sanyo

Unfortunately, each one reads 0.9 to 1.2 volts so I’m assuming they’re dead. I’m new to batteries!

The ride. Smooth and turny with no wheel bite. Pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

Some of my other boards. I probably have 30 decks lying around.

Wheel size comparison. This made me laugh.

Thanks for all the great posts and advice on this forum! I plan to post progress as it comes.


Love the rack, I dig the boy scout engineering. Take a look at the Jet Potato 29, verry nice deck and more traditional in size.

Those are nice! I was checking them out but got the Madrid on sale for under $70. It’s formica too. :slight_smile:

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Finally got this wrapped up the other day - at least for now! Only huge surprise for me is just how fun this thing is to ride. I’m hooked!

Only change I’m already in the works of making is changing gearing from a 16/36 to a 14/36 for more torque. Plenty of speed for this short wheelbase, would like a bit more torque for hills and starts.

The enclosure was a challenge with the wheelbase. I settled on this refrigerator storage tray and really like it. The plastic is hard but a bit malleable which gives it a bit of impact resistance. I cut off the handle on the end and a bit to match the contour of the deck. I painted it black and left a window for the watt-meter.

I routed the bottom of some deck rails I had around to fit velcro straps to hold the enclosure on. I like the rails because they belong on a skateboard, even if not for their intended purpose.

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