First build, everything together - need help (SOLVED)

Hi eveybody - quick question. So I bought a complete board from DIY - set it up today. I powered it on and the esc programming card recognizes the ESC. When I hit ok on the esc, it saves settings and the motor turns about 1mm, so i know its connected. The remote receiver shows solid blue so that its connected. The problem is the remote isnt making anything work (nothing happens) even though it’s connected. New batteries in my remote.

Photos attached to help visualize where i’m at

Thanks everyone

Ok so after the remote is paired, remove the bind plug. You can then insert the UBEC power to channel 4 of the remote and the ESC signal wire to channel 2 (will have to be split for 2 ESC’s)…

Wow amazing thank you!!! Now I get to play with the settings :slight_smile: I appreciate it

No problem, let me know if there is anything else that gives you trouble