First build Evolve Gen 2 | unity | TB DD

Hello! Live in sweden 29y old. I have been skateboarding since last summer… So quite new in the hobby xD Fairly good at electronik but a total noob when it comes to skatboarding.

So my first board was a bambo gt and it was amazing the first months… But when my skill grew and i wanted to go faster the battery sag and range was terrible.

So i bought an evolve carbon “gen 2” used for 350 euros last year… I like the board so now i wanted to upgrade it.

After much reading, I managed to select some parts:

Deck: Evolve carbon gen 2

Esc: Foc box Unity

Motors: So i orderd the TB DD 75kv not sure if the will fit.

Wheels: I got the airless rubber wheels and Tb 110mm

Battery: Bought some cheap 18650 hg-2 from ali-express as its my first time i made a 10s 5p so i can put it in my bambo later.

65882533_658727054607388_4092918281910878208_n 65945256_385201288793728_7563412024999280640_n 65937247_448364325893233_1985422686402117632_n 66128719_660636851077869_7442798107693154304_n 66018486_357089384954872_1423878772129529856_n

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Hope this works xD 66262014_367393927296306_4606617531816345600_n

Put fishpaper between the flexible parts off the battery.

You think it will rub through the plastic of the cell? Or is is it some other reason?

litokala HG2’s are not authentic btw.

Yeps. I had a battery pack for repair where on some places. It was really close to a short circuit.

Okay! Will have to order some insulating paper then ^^ thx

Are you saying they are not 3000 mah and 15a draw?

they may be 3000mah but only at lower discharge rates,

Well they where cheap and cant be worse than bambo gt battery xD Was planing to buy cells for the new battery on Nkon if they are good seller?

Yeah nkon is good and they have the cheapest source for authentic cells.

Nice, wanted to build a 12s but im having a hard time finding a small charge only bms… The once i can find are ether sold out or is for lifepo4. I have a big 12s bms but its bigger than the unity and i dont wanna waste space in the board.

Its not perfect but it works :stuck_out_tongue:

66257093_404122350259549_6516509065084928_n 66678990_2529408473777160_6819432425572007936_n 66143254_203111817293948_1415619807717359616_n

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66912343_2544303678927456_8366807209861971968_n 67105836_367723037148180_2605015969898168320_n 67138651_464646887426721_5397656744308506624_n 67175399_371448136905859_8646377686404431872_n


Awesome job! Enjoy your lovely board!

I’ve got the same deck and I’m just waiting for my unities to complete a 4WD DD build with elofty motors (so maybe I’ll get the Unities in 2022…)

Quite curious about the enclosure - did you make it yourself? Is there any heatsink embedded, like in the original one? Do you have enough height in there to fit the unity?

Great looking board btw!

Cool! how does the elofty feel? Was thinking of buying elofty but went for the TB… Yeah I made it, more like a test (first time). Yes it’s pretty tight fit but it works :stuck_out_tongue: I want to make it a little bigger cause I can’t fit the charge port and start button on the side … I didn’t know that I needed a heatsink but maybe should look into it…


I haven’t tried the motors yet, waiting for a Unity… :-/

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When did you order your unity? I orderd mine 5th April and got i like one week ago :stuck_out_tongue: i bought 1 on ebay (stuck in costums for 40 days) and one on another site that took 4 days lol xD

I think it was May… It was too long ago