First Build Feedback

Hey guys, I decided to go for it and build my first electric skateboard(for getting to college classes next year) and was looking for some feedback on my part selections.

Deck - Custom 36" Lasercut Deck

Trucks - Caliber II 50degree 180mm Trucks

Wheels - Orangatang Cagauma Orange

Battery - 10S3P Build with Molicel P26As

Motors - 2 MBoards 6355 180KV

ESC - MBoards Dual Belt Driven Motor ESC

Motor Mounts - CNCd based on free Raptor 2.1 Caliber II Mounts

Any input and feedback is helpful, thanks in advance

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are you building yourself? What BMS?

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I’m building it myself, have to pick a BMS any advice would be helpful

Probably get a flipsky motor and an esc from torqueboards. It’s pretty good. I use maker x esc though.

For a bms, I think Daly is good. I have one on my build bypassed.

If you’re making a Custom deck maybe 38" would be better,

Or are you set on 36" and if so why then?

also be sure to check out boardnamics for the Drivetrain If you’re in the USA then I would totally go for it as even EU guys like us buy there stuff.

The 36" was mainly because of storage reasons, a 38" board doesn’t quite fit in the space I’m storing the board.

By drivetrain do you mean the motors, pulleys, and mounts? Atm I’m CNCing my motor mounts using the free plans I found for the Calliber II Mount Model.

The torque boards ESC is sold out on their website rn, any other suggestions?

yeah man you’ll spend time Cnc’ing an inferior build possibly

and if you picked a weak alloy you just burnt money.

CNC is all fun but I mean Why not just make your first build easier by working with decent off the bat parts?

also at 10s you could just get dual reciver + focbox + focbox = 2xreciver (for mini remote) +2xfocbox some people are selling them for 70-90usd a pop. (quite reliable one esc fails other still works but you can’t use traction control in that setup only down)

ya man, I’m mainly CNCing because I’m a college student and I have free access to the machines as well as material. If the part isn’t up to specs after I make it, ill definitely check out that motor mount you mentioned. Where would I find those ESC components? like the focbox and receivers?

I’m a little rusty there may be newer better ESC’s but Focbox is mainly M2M sales now.

as for recivers and remote I can’t find them anymore O_O I bought mine for 20eur each now they’re trying to sell them for twice that

that remote is nice because it can bind to two receivers simultaneously.

Update, Built the longboard as in deck, trucks, wheels. Placed orders for

Motors - Torqueboards 6355s

ESC - Focbox Tenka

Battery - 10S3P w/ Molicel P26As

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