First Build - "Foosted" need help

Hello dear builder,

I’m working on my first build and I have some question regarding parts. I’ve watched a ton of content and I’m starting to get the hang of the building process. I know there’s a lot of posts from new comers like me. Although there’s some new alternatives on the market and I’m not really sure what to get. I’m a happy Wowgo 2s owner but it failed on my lately, I think because of that freaking charging port cap which went off and let water in the battery enclosure. Not sure what component is failing, I want to rip off the heat shrinked PVC of the battery to look into it and see if there’s corrosion but I won’t be able to put it back on as my own heat shrink PVC didn’t arrive yet. I was hoping to use some components in my new build:

  • The Board:
  • Loaded Vanguard flex 3 or 4 (I’m 62kg I’m not sure which one suits me the most)
  • Caliber II 50" Trucks
  • 85mm Orangatang 80a wheels
  • Bones super red bearings
  • 1/4" risers -> 358€

Recycled Components from wowgo:

  • Battery : Samsung 44A 10s2p 4000mAh Battery -> 148Wh -> Need to check if everything is right with it
  • Anti-Spark Switch -> This one should be good, just need to unsolder and resolder to the new setup.
  • Enclosures -> These are not the most pretty enclosures but they’ll save me ~50/100€
  • Charging port -> It’s included in the enclosure. I suppose this is not the failing component as my board charges normally when I plug the charger in. -> Free :sunglasses:

Purchased Components list:

  • Motors : 2 x DIYesk8 6355 190kV - Link
  • Motor mount : 2 x Single motor mount by DIYesk8 - Link
  • Pulley : this 16T option from DIYesk8


Help me choose list:

  • ESC : -> Here’s where I need help. I originally ordered the Vesc 4.12 from DIYesk8 but I read here and there that they weren’t that good. I’m thinking FOCBOX Unity but not sure when those will ship. Would love their push to start feature. Otherwise I’m looking into Flipsky’s Vesc 6.6. Do those have included anti-spark included ? If I get those, should I get 2x single ? 1x dual ? Also they look to have many different versions simplified or complete ?. Not sure what the difference is between all those.

  • Controller : I think I would go with enertion’s nano x controller link. Would this work with Flisky’s ESC or only with the focbox ?

  • Lights : -> This is not a priority but I want to equip my board with front and rear lights for visibility and ideally they’d work with a voltage reducer on the same battery (where to solder this ?). Or should I buy a pre made solution such as shredlights (I’ve read mixed feelings reviews).

  • Other : -> Here’s also where I kinda lost. What do I need among these:

  • Additional XT90 connectors
  • Additional XT60 ?
  • Bullet connectors
  • XT90/60 parallel / series connectors
  • Can bus connector (I only need this if a take a 2x dual vesc i think)
  • Servo connector (I think I need this in all cases to do esc -> remote receiver)
  • anything else ?

-> between 500 and 800$ i would guess

I do not have the budget for a big battery at the moment but hopefully I would upgrade later. What battery configuration (voltage / amps) would take full advantage from the motor specs ? From my calculations if I build a 10s4p with Samsung 30Q 18650 cells it would cost me around 300€ including the purchase of a Spot Welder. Which is still cheaper than any website I browsed.

Sorry for the long post :slight_smile:

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I would skip on the flipsky vesc due to all the little nuances that have popped up and haven’t been remedied yet. Unity is too far away (time wise, I’m sure you actually want to ride the board, not stare at it )

I’m thinking used focboxes are your best bet, they can be found on the used items for sale tab

You said 10s4p was your plan for your battery and that’s fine. Your other option would be 12s, which can lower system temperatures because lesser amperage flows for the same effect when you raise the voltage (** someone correct me if I’m wrong) and it provides a noticeable bump in speed

If you’re looking to get rid of your old hub motors I’m looking to grab some :slight_smile:

E: you forgot wheels! Would it be too shameless to link my 107mm? :joy:

All the parts are good except: You can’t use antispark because it’s inside the wowgo ESC. So you’ll need a new antispark from @Martinsp or simple xt90s loop key. Tb vesc are good. Just use them in 10s foc. You’ll need canbus or ppm splitter. Flipsky 6.6 dual is good in bldc. Unity should be great. Should be shipped by this month but second batch is only in next year. Everything else is good. Get Riptide bushings and tunnel risers from @Alphamail

10s4p battery is good.


I don’t mean to argue, but I wouldn’t recommend putting TB vescs in foc mode, they pop like popcorn if you’re not careful

E: that being said, 4.xx hardware that isn’t the vesc x or focbox, or chakas vesc, has trouble with foc, so it’s not only the tb vesc

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That’s possible yes. So if you want to be extra safe, use any vesc in bldc only ehehehe

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Nice try but :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to consider 12s4p then ! Still not sure which cells to use among these

Yeah sure why not. I’m EU though so shipping might cost a lot if you’re NA… They have around 600km I’d say but work perfectly.

Enertion doesn’t seem to sell FOCBOX anymore :confused:

Could you please link me to a topic where those are stated ? I browsed the forum a lot and didn’t seem to see anything about this.

Use 30q cells

It looks like all of them are out of stock.

Why tho’ ? If I get the 25R wouldn’t the 80A max discharge be more useful than the additional 2Ah ? As said I’m a huge noobie on this

You’ll want more range. 10s4p the discharge is plenty already

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I’m getting mixed reviews on the VESCs lol. I think I will go flipsky 6.6 and maybe upgrade to FOCBOX later. I could then use my old vesc with a shorter deck. I’ll also investigate if I can find a place where there’s a shared spot welder saving most of the cost and space in my small city flat. What are the basics I need ?

  • Heat shrink for wires + for battery
  • Soldering iron
  • Foam
  • Drill
  • heat gun ? or hair dryer does the work ?
  • Multimeter ?
  • what else ?

Yeah I’m in the US of a, I guess shipping will be too much :upside_down_face:

If you ever come to the states… Bring them with you? :smiley:

I’ll link it in a second, let me type this out first so it doesn’t lose my process :joy::joy:

I would honestly recommend the sanyo 20700 a cells, or whatever the name is :joy::joy: they have 3000mah(I think?) And 30a discharge, meaning that if you stuck with 12s4p you would have tons of range and little voltage sag

But if you wanted to stick with 18650s , can’t beat the 30q

Don’t go 25r, sags more than Hopsins pants

A damn good set of Allen keys. People here (myself included) like the wera set. If you buy cheap chocolate tools you’ll strip everything on your board and curse yourself!

A good set of pliers/wire strippers and a handy tool to help you solder.

On the topic of solder, a good solder sucker and some flux will save you frustration. You’ll also need wire. 12awg, 14awg and I believe 20/22 for phase wires, someone can correct me there.

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Battery 10awg Motor 12 awg

You can get @aulakiria spot welder or maletrics spot welder for around 100

Do the math on it though. Welder, cells, nickel, fishpaper, time, mistakes/wastage.

Making a single battery, or even two, I’d be surprised if it was less expensive than buying one. $250 for a 10s 3p or $300 for a 10s 4p. BMS comes installed and everything is ready to go. That price includes US shipping.

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Nice, that’s what I needed ! Most of 10s4p are actually flat and that wouldn’t fit a vanguard flexy deck ! This one is cheap as well !

According to my calculations, it should be 239$ so 210€ that’s cheap AF

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Nevermind I contacted him and said the batteries he makes wouldn’t fit a Vanguard deck. Also he mentionned EU shipping would be very costly. I need to find a battery maker in EU.

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I made a parts list for this in the past: