First Build | Fully Loaded Board

I’ve attached a build sheet I’ve created in Excel that also conveniently calculates speed and everything based on the standard inputs for that data. I’m planning on building a 10s5p battery pack that should supply about 42v and hold 12.5Ah. I’m planning on using a 10s 10A BMS from @thisguyhere Before I finish ordering everything, I figured I’d get some input from the community on this build. Mainly I just want to make sure the motor pairing will work well and if there were any better deals on parts you could recommend. Thanks for any help! Also, all parts are linked in the spreadsheet.

I’m looking at building my first board too and I will probably end up with a similar setup.

I see that you want to go for DIY motor mount, trucks and wheels. But why don’t you go for the entire kit then: collections/single-motor-mechanical-kit/products/single-motor-mechanical-kit

I’m thinking about getting that kit, but I wonder if the trucks and the wheels are really good or not. Especially the wheels actually.

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I bought the DIY kit too, only thing I would have to say is that the wheels are a little on the hard side, not horrible but not as soft as the regular wheels. I’ve ridden about 80miles on them so far and they still look fine. The trucks are great, bushings are nice too. No complaints here!

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Thanks for the input. I’ve decided to get the caliber 2 trucks from Amazon as well as some 97mm wheels and save some money. I’m assuming dual 5065 motors on 10s should have no problem turning those wheels with 14/36 gearing.

Yes that will work fine although I’ve heard that those motors will not fit on DIYElectricSkateboards motor mount. Also why not by your motors from banggood for less than half the price

You can choose between 50mm or 63mm motor mount on DIY site so it should be good.

Okay, but someone else that used those motors had to get the old version of the motor mount otherwise they wouldn’t fit

Interesting. I guess the best is to contact DIY before buying then.

Yes that would be the best, make sure to talk to dexter he is very helpful

Wow, that’s the same exact motor on banggood isn’t it. I’ll definitely get those instead. What motor mounts would you recommend?

Well it looks the same, the bangggood ones are also identical to the evolve motors. They have a different mounting pattern tho, or so I heard. So you will need torqueboards v3 motor mount or diy your own

@pat.speed Did you mean the V4 motor mount?

Nah it’s the earlier model. You might be able to ask torque boards for one if there is some still in stock

Okay yeah I’ll check with them and see exactly what fits that motor. Thanks for the heads up