First build, heavy rider, dual 6374, 124p, 2.5:1 gear ratio, 218mm trucks, flipsky FSESC6.6

I’m looking for factual advice, not emotional please. I’ve put my parts list together and am looking for advice on blatant errors in parts combinations and help choosing which flipsky FSESC I should use. I have been riding G2T for last 6 months and am looking for a custom board with torque to carry my big butt up hills(235lbs, lots of range(20 mile range), and top speed of around 25mph. parts calculator shows weighted top speed at 70% efficiency at about 24mph. thanks in advance.

  • 40"x9.5" bottlenose top mount blank deck
  • torqueboards 218mm trucks
  • torqueboards V6 reverse mount 63mm mounts
  • mboards 6374 180kv motors x 2
  • 16t x 15mm motor pulley
  • 90mm abec style wheels
  • 40t x 15mm abec style wheel pulley
  • 15mm x 345mm drive belts
  • 12s4p lion 12000mah, 60/150amp, 30q battery with built in bms, power switch, battery level indicator and charge port built in, and enclosure
  • vx2 remote
  • flipsky FSESC 6.6 vesc

I am not clear on which of two flipsky FSESC 6.6 I should use. I am not opposed to over equipping but not interested in 4wd.

please advise, especially on FSESC, and thanks for any help

Looking good. As far as which FSESC, there aren’t many significant differences between the plus mini and the plus other than that the plus mini can’t do 4wd. Also they are the same size, despite their names, lol.

I believe the plus (no mini) is newer, so that’s something to consider, but at the end of the day, the mini is cheaper, and you don’t need 4wd, so I’d probably go for that.

Also, come check out https://forum., much more active forum.


Looks good to me, you would be surprised by how much power you can squeeze off a dual setup, just make sure you do the vesc setup correctly.